Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Obama's "grab a mop" political strategy loses

I mean pretty much everywhere.

The liberal spending policies of President Obama were soundly rejected today.

In Virginia, a state that went for Obama last year by a pretty big number last year, got wiped out. Republicans swept everything. McDonnell, a real conservative, clobbered his opponent. The Republicans also won all of the down ticket seats. For those 3 new Democrat members of Congress that won last year...perhaps they should rethink their loyalty to Pelosi and Obama. The 3 districts they won last year voted overwhelmingly for the Republican this year. They are in trouble.

Republicans also expanded their lead in the Virginia assembly. They already controlled the House of commons by 10 seats, they expanded their seats by at least another 5, at least...maybe more.

In NY-23- the conservative candidate lost. Goes to show that you cannot run and win an election in two weeks. The GOP cannot nominate a Democrat for the seat and expect the Democrat to win by calling herself a Republican. My guess is that a decent Republican will be picked next year in a primary that all the conservatives can rally around. Handpicking candidates is not the way to go. There was plenty of time for a primary, they should have held one. The Republican vote was split.

Lesson from NY-23...The GOP cannot run Democrats with a "r" label and just expect them to win. Dede was no moderate Republican, she was a democrat with an "r" after her name. Now the Republicans in that district can nominate their own candidate and rally around one person instead of two people. Too many Republicans voted for Dede yesterday out of loyalty and it cost them big by handing another seat to the Democrats.

In Pennsylvania, the Republicans swept the liberals out of controlling the PA courts. Of the 7 court seats up for grabs, Republicans won 6 of them.

(By the way, this should be a shoutout to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign...We do not want politicians picking our judges, we would rather vote on them ourselves! Letting big shot politicians pick our judges is not Democracy, you fools!)

Now, the big one... New Jersey! President Obama was in NJ campaigning on Sunday in a strong democrat state. There is a reason they call the state Blue Jersey. The idea that his candidate lost is a huge referendum on Obama's policies. Corzine had endless amount of money to spend, Christie was limited to public funds.

Perhaps the President will wake up and realize that his "get a mop" strategy of campaigning is pathetic. Clearly Americans did not buy into this.

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