Monday, November 30, 2009

Increased Medicare Costs?


Who would have thought this would happen?

A government run health care plan price has increased in price by 50% since 2006?

Medicare is once again increasing in costs. That is even before Obamacare is voted on.

Good grief- Obamacare will cut benefits to Medicare recipients by at least $400 billion. Even so, costs to Medicare recipients is starting to really skyrocket.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The average monthly premium for a Medicare prescription drug plan will increase 11% next year - and it has increased 50% nationally since 2006.

Those figures make clear why shopping for the best Medicare Part D plan should be an annual chore for people who want to save money.

"Everybody needs to check their plan and make sure it's still right for them," said Tom Frazier, executive director of the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups.

The same holds true for the Medicare Advantage plans run by private companies that are an alternative to traditional Medicare.

This makes total sense right in the middle of the ObamaCare debate right?

About a month ago, the Obama administration told our senior citizens that there would be no social security cost of living increase for the next two years. Our seniors have also been informed that in every version of ObamaCare, at least $400 billion has to be cut from their Medicare for the plan to be able to financially work. Now this. Their prescription drug costs are going up again.

When do our seniors catch a break?

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