Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Obama is not God

I know the reality has sunk in with a lot of people recently, but I guess I am confused why so many people fell for it.

Last year, hundreds of stories were being highlighted by the mainstream media about all of the Republicans that supported Obama. Team Obama was on cloud 9.

Today, the reality has hit. Barack Obama is not God.

In Iowa:

Interviews with voters across Iowa offer a window into how the president’s standing has leveled off, especially among the independents and Republicans who contributed not just to his margin of victory in the caucuses here but also to the optimism among his supporters that his election would be a break from standard-issue politics.

Now that the political realities have hit the President, he has reverted back to the same rhetoric he carried throughout his campaign when times got tough...He blamed Bush. Don't think that the regular folks out there do not notice, they do notice and it has gotten deep:

As a candidate, Mr. Obama soared, several people said in interviews, but as a president, he often has come across as cautious, tentative and prone to blame his troubles on others.

“I think he was more presidential when he was running for office than he is now,” said Paul Johnson, 58, a student legal services lawyer at Iowa State University. “He seems more subdued, which is probably a result of having to actually deal with the issues on his plate as opposed to just rallying the troops to vote for him.”

Mr. Johnson and his wife, Kathy, are loyal Democrats, but Mr. Obama was not their first, second or third choice during the Iowa caucuses that opened the party’s primary on Jan. 3, 2008.


Boy, have they ever noticed that he cannot stop blaming Bush:

John Sager, a retired electrical engineer, said he was so impressed by Mr. Obama last year at the United Auto Workers hall in Marshalltown that he allowed his name to be promoted on a list of Republicans supporting Mr. Obama before the Iowa caucuses.

“He gave a fairly decent presentation, but that’s what it turned out to be — a presentation,” said Mr. Sager, 77. “I don’t think he should keep hiding behind the fact that he inherited all these problems.”

Quite frankly I do not believe any man can live up to the hype that the media built around Obama. The media set the President up to fail miserably. No man could live up to the god status they placed on President Obama.

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