Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Health Care boondoggle: Can you hear us now?

Ramussen shows that support for the healthcare boondoggle has fallen to a new low.

56% Oppose
38% Support

Since some of those that read this page think Rasmussen is a right wing pollster, I thought I would wait until there were additional polls out showing low support for the boondoggle.

A USA Today/Gallup poll out today shows support for the healthcare boondoggle is still down.

42% Oppose
35% Support

Partisan breakdown:

Democrats 76% support, 17% Oppose
Republicans 86% Oppose, 12% Support

Big Democrat problem
Independents 53% oppose, 37% support

Probably the most disconcerting news for Democrats is what Americans think of President Obama's handling of the nation's health care.

40% approve
53% Disapprove

In the meantime, Democrats in Congress and the President are in complete denial. A majority of Americans do not want the healthcare boondoggle. Why are they ramming this down our throats?

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