Monday, July 20, 2009

Ronald Reagan on Socialized Medicine

Some of the political panic playing out in 1961 is playing again this year by the Barack Obama team.

Of course the liberals are accusing Republicans of "not caring about the elderly", or "not caring about sick people". We have heard all of these lies before. They have been part of the standard conversations for close to 50 years.

In 1961, citizen Ronald Reagan sought to alert America to the socialized medicine. The liberals desire to rob Americans of their freedoms to choose their own health care directions. Handing over our right to choose our own doctors, choose our own hospitals, and choose our own methods of treatment.

We are literally being forced to place our very lives in the hands of Washington politicians.

See the wise words of Ronald Reagan back in 1961. The game continues. Obama is just pushing the next step in complete control of our lives.

hat tip Hot Air

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