Thursday, July 16, 2009

Doyle hides billions of dollars in spending

We have known for years that Governor Doyle has been swiping millions of dollars from segregated funds in order to excessively spend money in other areas. For example, we already knew that Governor Doyle has grabbed millions upon millions from the transportation fund in order to fund his pet projects in education.

A list has been put together by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau showing exactly has much money has been removed from segregated funds and used by Governor Doyle for his pet projects.

Governor Doyle has taken over $2 BILLION and used it for other items than what they were designated for. Money has been taken out of our roads, health care premiums, recycling and much more.

Where has that money gone?

It is time for Doyle to be held accountable for every single dime he has taxed us for and then not used it where he said he would.

Governor Doyle needs to be held accountable for every single dime!!!

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