Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Feel like you are getting scammed by Governor Doyle?

The reason you feel that way is because you are getting scammed. I am not exactly sure how Governor Doyle can sleep at night after making statements during the day that he did not raise your taxes. Somehow he manages to sleep.

Rep. Robin Vos has got a great article out today talking about how Governor Doyle plans on lying to you over the next year and a half. Governor Doyle is going to try to convince you that he actually cares about middle class Wisconsinites even as he raises taxes and fees.

Now that the ink is dry on Gov. Jim Doyle’s budget, his political spin machine will be running non-stop from now until the 2010 election to convince us that he has performed a fiscal miracle. You will hear claims that this budget is good for taxpayers; that it’s good for business; or that it’s the best we could expect given the current fiscal situation. The spin machine will spit out any claim necessary to mislead Wisconsinites into thinking that Gov. Doyle deserves to lead this state for another term. But there are vast differences between rhetoric and reality. Doyle’s claims are dishonest at best, deceitful at worst.

In his February budget address, Doyle said families making less than $300,000 won’t see a tax increase. What he should have said was families won’t see an income tax increase, but they will be nickeled and dimed to death by other hidden tax and fee increases.

A new phone tax will increase cell phone and landline bills by 75 cents per month. Auto insurance changes will increase automobile premiums. Massive tax increases on garbage haulers will show up on garbage collection bills. Homeowners will see a property tax increase of at least $319. The list goes on and on. Throughout the 700-page budget, Gov. Doyle quietly skims from taxpayers while he publicly says he is protecting them.

In the same address, when referring to funding increases, the governor got a lot of mileage out of saying that “staying even is the new increase.” That was a very responsible promise given the state was facing a $6.6 billion budget deficit. But it turned out to be a completely false promise. Spending actually goes up by more than 6 percent in this budget.


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