Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Garbage "Tipping Fee" Increase

The MacIver Institute has a great blog post that sums up the craptacular budget the Democrats passed without support from a single Republican.

One of the tax increases that the Democrats supported was doubling the garbage tax.

From the MacIver Institute:

Double The Garbage Tax - This will raise Wisconsin's garbage tax to the highest in the nation. Don't worry, I'm sure your local government will just absorb the increase in their budget. They would never pass that along to property taxpayers.

Guess what I received in the mail today ... the bill for the garbage pickup at the business I own. Please note the comment in the yellow box.

Democrats say they didn't raise taxes on the middle class. I'm middle class, (my household makes less than $100,000 per year) why did my taxes go up? The rich aren't the only ones who have garbage. I guess the Democrats in Madison didn't know that.

Wait until you get your property tax bill next year and see a "garbage disposal fee" on it.

That increase in your taxes is all because of the Democrats.

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