Monday, October 13, 2008

Zamba's Ugly Smear Campaign

Candidate Larry Zamba is blaming Republicans for destroying yard signs. I would like to know what proof does Mr. Zamba have that Republicans are removing his signs.

His crying even got him on the news and in the Kenosha News. Pretty good free press for Mr. Zamba, maybe this is an inside job for free political advertising and a way to increase campaign contributions.

The statements by Zamba supporters are pretty nasty, and they're not just about Republicans. They are about the residents of the 66th Assembly District who support Samantha Kerkman (and not all of them are Republicans).

Here are a few quotes from area liberal blogs:

Kerkman’s supporters have now demonstrated beyond doubt what scumbag traitors to America and her democracy that they are! This shows them for what they are!, small minded, fearful, violent and criminal!

I have a idea when win we will give all the Zamba signs to Kerkman so she can burn them as here self in Hell.

Take a look at Kerkman's facebook page - it'll give you an idea of the type of voter she attracts (the term "redneck" comes to mind).

To quote Mr. Zamba:
One fellow likened their tactics to the brown shirts of Hitlers day.

Mr. Zamba is not the person we want representing us (renecks) in Madison. Thank you Samantha Kerkman for representing the values most (obviously not all from the above quotes) of your constituents have.

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