Monday, October 13, 2008

Brilliant plan, Senator Obama???

Barack Obama is suggesting a 3 month moratorium on home foreclosures.

Brilliant plan, Senator. It is much better to toss folks out of their homes in January, the middle of dead cold winter, instead of tossing people out of their homes right now. Those folks living in battleground states like Wisconsin, Minnesota or Michigan are going to love living in the outdoor winter weather.

Good grief.

Perhaps we could figure out a way of renegotiating their loans instead of tossing them out in the middle of January. I know that is John McCain's plan, but that certainly sounds better to me.

Of course, you can just swipe the money out your retirement account early without any penalty, sending the Dow plunging even further.

Or perhaps he can give a tax credit to all of the small businesses that hire folks, but then immediately take the money back with his tax increases of these same small business owners making $250,000 a year.

Oh yeah, simply brilliant, Senator. Simply brilliant.

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