Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Could someone please explain the polls?

Okay- if you are a numbers watcher like me, you are riding a roller coaster of polling data.

Just yesterday, a new poll came out showing Obama up by 14. Also yesterday, another poll showed Obama up by 1(today the poll shows it at 2).

That 13 point difference represents millions of voters.

Today- one poll shows Obama up by 10 another shows them as Obama by 1.

Seriously, what is up with this junk? I have never seen such huge disparity in the polling data.

It has never been as bad as it is right now.

This entire year has been bad.

Remember Hillary was down by 7 in Ohio the day before the election and won by 10. Hillary was up by 3 in West Virginia the day before the election and won by 25! Hillary was down by 9 in New Hampshire and won by 7 in New Hampshire.

The poll numbers are way off. I don't have any clue as to why.

I am done with polls. Don't tell me it is over for McCain, because I am not buying it. Sarah and I will drag McCain across the finishing line if we must. I know there is no give up in that woman either.

Nobody knows what will happen.

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