Monday, October 06, 2008

It is called leadership (Congressman Paul Ryan)

I have learned a little something over the last several months since being elected to office:

1. Sometimes you vote for things, you do not want to vote for

2. Sometimes you vote for things that your constituents do not want you to vote for

Lastly, you do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do.

The idea of letting the entire economy collapse, because of another opinion piece by Michelle Malkin or any other conservative, is pathetically irresponsible.

Worse yet, to invoke the name of President Ronald Reagan and bluster about principles, as if President Reagan would have allowed the economy to collapse either.(Yes, Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to illegal immigrants also) He was just a man, folks. A good man, but still a man.

This past week, I have watched a couple of conservatives, claiming they espoused Ronald Reagan principles, who sought out the quickest and fastest way to collapse their own country's economy.

In the meantime, these Michelle Malkin types spent the week beating up on Congressman Paul Ryan, who stood in the camp of the enemy attempting to negotiate something that both sides could live with.

Now, I like Michelle Malkin and read her daily, but seriously, she is a financial expert now????

The idea that Congressman Paul Ryan(and John McCain too) was willing to take the political hit to try and fight for American jobs and the American economy, knowing what truly faces Americans under the alternate plan of doing nothing, was courageous. Most politicians do not have that kind of political courage.

More may still need to be done protect American jobs, we will have to see.

In the meantime, no reform of the badly broken system has been proposed by either the Republicans or Democrats.


We cannot go back to the way it was. Free money for everyone.

For a truly responsible respectable society to grow out of this financial mess we must be willing to reform the credit system.

The question is- who has the courage to reform the system? Who is willing to stand up to Freddie and Fannie?

That is the type of candidate I am looking for in a President and from my congressman.

I am certain Congressman Paul Ryan will be at the forefront of reforming this credit mess.

I would like to see John McCain and Sarah Palin take a reform stance on this issue also.

For more on real leadership, read this article.

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