Sunday, March 04, 2007

MJS Editorial calls for Governor Doyle to return campaign funds

Yesterday, the MJS editorial board called for Governor Jim Doyle to return the tainted campaign cash that was donated by Dennis Troha and family.


Gov. Jim Doyle should not wait until the courts decide whether a Kenosha millionaire backer of an off-reservation casino is guilty of illegally funneling money to his campaign.

The governor should return the $100,000 now. Moreover, he should put some real muscle behind getting broad campaign finance reform enacted this year.


Unfortunately, Doyle cannot do that right now.


He cannot afford it.

According to campaign finance records posted in January, the Doyle campaign has $38,816.39 cash on hand. The governor's campaign owes $111,391.72.

This leaves the Doyle campaign with a negative balance of -$72,575.33.

It is not unusual for campaigns to end with a negative balance. It happens all the time.

The Governor can continue to raise campaign contributions to pay off his debt and come up with the cash to give back to Troha.

I know I won't be donating any cash to Governor Doyle. Any takers?

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Kate said...

I think someone should organized to get the man recalled after that one year requirment is up. Boots to the ground type thing. Be ready when the time comes.