Thursday, March 29, 2007

Just keep doing your job, Congressman Ryan

I have been watching with amusement over the last several weeks as Daniel Bice from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has taken to beating up on Congressman Paul Ryan.

Mr. Bice is certainly within his rights, as a journalist, to beat up on Congressman Ryan. In fact, Mr. Bice has come up with several juicy tidbits about Congressman Ryan.

Congressman Ryan is a big boy and he can handle this stuff.

It was when I read this comment in Sunday’s paper that I finally decided it was time to write something-

Ryan then leaned on fellow congressmen and federal officials in support of this measure.

That is a pretty dramatic statement.

Really, Ryan “leaned” on his fellow congressman? Sounds like something the mafia would do to collect a debt. I get back to addressing this later.

Unfortunately, now Mr. Bice has taken to leaving out important information when reporting. Of course leaving out these important facts only makes Mr. Bice’s job of spinning the WHOLE truth a little easier.

Let us start with a few basic facts.

Paul Ryan is a Congressman. As a congressman, Paul Ryan is paid to represent every single person in Wisconsin’s first district. Yes, Dennis Troha lives and owns businesses in Wisconsin’s first district. It is Congressman Ryan’s job to represent Dennis Troha.

Of course, Mr. Bice and others will make the claim-“but, but, but…. Troha financially gained in this transaction”.”

Guess what? Many, many thousands of Paul Ryan’s constituents have financially gained from his support.

Personally, I have gained financially because of my congressman. What is funny is that Mr. Bice himself has financially gained because of Congressman Ryan’s actions.

Let me explain with a few more facts.

Paul Ryan has been a champion for tax cuts. Everything from increasing the child tax credit to individual tax cuts for every single American. Every single taxpayer in the US received a federal tax cut of 2% or higher in 2003. Literally millions upon millions of dollars were kept in pockets of Americans because of these tax cuts.

Even Mr. Bice pocketed a few dollars because of the tax cuts he received that year.

Those folks that do not support Congressman Ryan also benefit from the hard work that the congressman does.

For instance, in 2005, the UAW and thousands of autoworkers financially benefited because Congressman Ryan fought for their pension benefits. Without the fix, which Congressman Ryan personally added to H.R. 2830, the autoworkers’ pension plans were at risk.

Therefore, as you can see, whether or not his constituents are conservative or liberal, Congressman Ryan has a duty and a responsibility to do whatever he can to protect us all.

We are back to the point where Mr. Bice accused Congressman Ryan of leaning on his fellow congressman.

Really, the final vote for the bill that Mr. Bice was speaking about, HR 3-The Transportation Equity Act passed the House by a whopping 412 to 8 vote.

Honestly, how much leaning did Congressman Ryan have to do to get HR 3 to pass? With a vote of 412-8- not much, I guess.

What seems to be overlooked by Daniel Bice is the amount of transportation aid given to Wisconsin’s congressional first district, with the passage of this bill. The state of Wisconsin received more than $700 million of federal money for repair of I-94, I-43 and many other transportation projects.

I am certain Mr. Bice will continue with his gossip column filled with innuendo. That’s okay. Mr. Bice can play around in the gutter for as long as he wants to.

In the meantime, Congressman Ryan, those of us in the first district are counting on you to protect us. We need your continued protection from our over-regulating government. We are counting on you to continue to protect the tax cuts, protect our jobs, and protect our security. It is also your responsibility to make sure that Wisconsin’s first congressional district gets a fair return on our federal taxes.

In other words, Congressman Ryan, just keep doing your job and we will continue to support you.

You “lean” on whomever you have to in order to continue to protect us.

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