Friday, March 16, 2007

Mark Green did NOT break the law!

Boy, this is infuriating. Several months after the fact, the State Elections Board now admits they gave Mark Green bad advice.

Mark Green DID not break the law!

WisPolitics: Green, SEB Reach Deal on Money Dispute
By WisPolitics Staff

Mark Green and the state Elections Board reached an agreement today that stipulates the Republican was following precedence and advice he received from board staff when he converted money from his congressional account to his gubernatorial fund.

But the deal also states the board was following its interpretation of the law when it ordered the Republican to dump some $468,000 money from out-of-state PACs that was included in the conversion.

The deal also puts limits on how Green can use the money. The agreement also calls for the end of the lawsuit Green filed over the board's action. That case is pending before the state Supreme Court.

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