Friday, March 09, 2007

Governor Doyle- we just don't believe you anymore

Whom do they think they are trying to fool?

Between Jim Doyle, the AP reporters, whom do they think they are trying to fool?

How gullible does Governor Doyle think the people of Wisconsin are?

Apparently, there are still some gullible enough to give him a second term as Governor. That is a different story all together.

On the front pages of yesterday’s Kenosha News, an Associated Press story triumphantly announced:

Gov. Jim Doyle said Wednesday that donations to his campaign from indicted businessman Dennis Troha “absolutely” did not come with expectations that Doyle would look favorably upon Troha’s bid to build a casino in Kenosha.

Well, now that is a relief. Everybody can rest easy now that the Associated Press is on the case.

We certainly would not want to believe that Jim Doyle might be involved.

…Yes, I am being sarcastic.

The reality is that it does not matter what Governor Doyle says about this.

People are a lot smarter than Governor Doyle thinks they are.

Does the governor really believe that he is fooling people with these lines?

Quite honestly, Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative- not a single person that I have spoken to is buying the lines that Governor Jim Doyle is selling.

Now- just to add a little gasoline to this fire, it appears that the Department of Transportation was involved in a private matter between Dennis Troha and several states whom Troha owed some fuel taxes too.

Now there is another FBI investigation into the actions of the DOT, Governor Doyle and Dennis Troha.

Also thrown into the mix is Robert Jambois, current chief council for DOT, former District Attorney in Kenosha and strong supporter of the Kenosha casino project.

On the front pages of today’s Kenosha News- Robert Jambois is defending the actions of the DOT lawyers, who were working on behalf of Dennis Troha.

Today’s Kenosha News headline states: DOT “Nothing” to Troha case

Still, even down here in Kenosha, where many folks are still pining for a casino, no one is buying the Governor’s latest defense.

Frankly, the statements made by Governor Jim Doyle and DOT Attorney Robert Jambois are just not believable.

In today’s Kenosha News- Robert Jambois has the nerve to try and shove the following types of statements down our throats:

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s top attorney defended his agency’s actions Thursday, stating there was nothing special or unusual about the way it has handled an interstate tax dispute involving indicted Kenosha businessman Dennis Troha.

Robert Jambois, the DOT’s general counsel, said the department was serving its dual responsibilities when it sent a state-paid attorney to help negotiate a settlement in a case in which trucking fi rms then owned by Troha owed motor fuel tax debts.

“This whole story is much ado about absolutely nothing,” said Jambois, a former longtime Kenosha County district attorney who was active in Doyle’s 2002 campaign and was named general counsel of the DOT in 2005.

These types of statements are not believable.

Even worse, these types of statements are insulting to our intelligence!

There have been too many coincidences to believe this stuff any longer.

There is too much money at stake to believe this stuff any longer.

There is too much power at stake to believe this stuff any more.

Enough is enough!

To Governor Doyle, Robert Jambois and Dennis Troha- we want the truth and we want it now.

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Russ said...

Diamond Jim Doyle is a habitual liar. That unethical man has been insulting my intelligence since he was first sworn for his first term. Last year he campaigned on a no new tax pledge. After re-election he promptly proposed massive tax increases. He gave the green light to local taxing entities that it's OK to raise property taxes 4%. That's what liars do, they lie. Of course, we now know, that he convinced the voters to re-elect him. All I can do at this point is hope that Steven Biskupic brings him and his cronies to justice.