Monday, March 05, 2007

Aliens did it!

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel cracks me up sometimes.

Really, some folks must be thinking that I am picking on them.

It's hard not to pick on them, they have been so infected by Bush Derangement Syndrome, that sometimes they say the silliest things.

I could not help but giggle when I read this in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-

The Bush administration slipped a provision into the USA Patriot Act that Congress renewed last year allowing the attorney general to appoint interim U.S. attorneys for indefinite periods without congressional approval. Previously, such appointments could last for only 120 days. Lawmakers may have figured that the extra leeway might help in rare emergencies.

Apparently, the Congress, who overwhelmingly supported the renewal of the Patriot Act, were duped again by the Bush administration. Or at least this is what the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel would have you believe.

The renewal of the Patriot Act passed the Senate last year by in March by a vote of 89-10. Congress renewed it 8 months earlier with a vote of 257-171.

Since it's original passage on Sept. 12, 2001, the Patriot Act was debated for years in the US Congress. You name it, our congressional leaders fought over it.

Yet somehow, Bush duped the Congress again.

God forbid, the US Congress actually included this measure in the Patriot Act because they wanted to. Nope, instead, according to MJS- Bush "slipped" the provision into the bill.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel even went so far as to make up their own excuse for why the Patriot Act, with this provision, sailed thru Congress-

Lawmakers may have figured that the extra leeway might help in rare emergencies.

Well, shoot, since we are making stuff up, I have my own theory.

Aliens did it!

No really, President George Bush called on his alien buddies and had them come down and suck the brains out of our senators and congressmen. That is why the Congress, in a bi-partisan fashion, passed the Patriot Act with this provision in it.


It could have happened.

Even funnier in this article, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is praising Congress for addressing the ever so pressing issue of why President Bush believes he has the right to fire people that he has hired.

Commendably, a House judiciary subcommittee is issuing subpoenas to four of the dismissed prosecutors to appear before it on Tuesday, and the Senate Judiciary Committee is poised to follow suit. Sworn testimony should shed some light on what may be an administration effort to get prosecutors to toe the party line.

That should be an interesting hearing. Congress is trying to answer the question as to why the big meanie President Bush, dares to fire people that he has hired.

Good grief!

You would think that a new Democrat Congress would have cured some of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Bush Derangement Syndrome.

It hasn't cured a thing. Instead, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's BDS has just gotten worse.

President George Bush is to be blamed for everything.

According to the MJS, not only should Bush get approval to hire people, but now Bush needs authorization to fire the people that he has hired.

Good grief.

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