Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Yes- We have known for a while that Troha and his wife gave $50,000 to Governor Doyle's inauguration.

What is interesting is the other groups that have also given money-

A review of state Ethics Board records shows that 34 of the roughly 75 companies and trade groups that gave to the governor's inaugural pay lobbyists or employees to influence Capitol decisions. By law, those companies cannot contribute directly to Wisconsin political campaigns.

Several of the companies and trade groups that underwrote costs of the inaugural have major issues pending in the Capitol, or were the subject of controversy in the governor's first four years in office.

For example:

• Two years ago, Doyle criticized Wal-Mart for policies that forced thousands of its Wisconsin workers to get their health care through state government. The company gave $25,000 to help pay for his inaugural.

Canter said Doyle still supports legislation preventing companies from "dumping" employees into state health care programs.

• AT&T, which has hired 15 lobbyists to push a bill through the Legislature to Doyle's desk that would require the state - rather than local governments - to issue cable and data franchises, donated $25,000 to the inaugural committee.

Canter said donations to the inaugural did "absolutely not" present any potential conflicts for Doyle, and some donors oppose initiatives Doyle has proposed.

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Kate said...

You'd think that someone could have come up with enough to endict Gov. Dopey by now.