Saturday, May 09, 2009

Where is President Obama? Kenosha wants to know.

After having a few people lash out at me for putting part of the blame on President Obama for losing jobs in Kenosha via Chrysler, there is finally some movement towards asking the same questions that Kenoshans have been asking for days now...

Where is President Obama when Kenosha needs him?

As I pointed out the other day, not only is Chrysler taking a beating, but so is the President. After all, he is allowing American jobs to go to Mexico.

Finally, Obama's role in this is getting some real attention.

As pointed out in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about a half hour ago:

Feingold suggested Kenosha's fate is at odds with Obama's rhetoric about ending government incentives to move jobs abroad.

Obama, he said, has emphasized "not using the tax code to outsource jobs. This whole idea of helping these companies had to do with keeping jobs in the United States."

President Obama's political rhetoric does not match his actions.

The Obama administration knew in February that Chrysler planned on closing the US factories and that US autoworker jobs would be sent to Mexico. The administration did not lift one finger or make any effort to save American jobs.

The Kenosha's current and retired auto workers may have already outlived their usefulness to President Obama, because he no longer needs their campaign donations, but they have not outlived their usefulness to those of us that love the citizens of the city of Kenosha.

Kenosha needs these jobs!

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