Saturday, May 23, 2009

Government Motors- Leaner and Meaner

President Barack Obama did an interview with CSPAN about his hopes for a "leaner and meaner" GM and Chrysler.

President Barack Obama says he hopes both GM and Chrysler emerge from their restructuring as "leaner, meaner" companies that are more competitive.

Leaner and Meaner?

Well, that is sure happening in Kenosha, isn't it?

Thousands of jobs will be and have been affected by the closing of the Kenosha engine plant.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs across America have been or will be lost in the next year due to the Chrysler and GM.

Is this what you mean about "leaner" companies, Mr. President?

Things are awful lean around here, Mr. President. Try finding a good paying job in Kenosha right now.


Kenosha is currently dealing with the meaner side of the President right now. Kenosha is watching their good paying jobs be sent to Mexico where they will build the engine that was promised to Kenoshans. That is pretty mean, Mr. President.

Speaking of mean, wasn't it the President who promised for months and months he would create jobs? 3,4 and 5 millions jobs he promised. The UAW backed the President 100% spending millions of workers dues to getting President Obama elected.

These very same workers who coughed up millions are now paying a heavy price for Obama's "leaner and meaner" auto companies.

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