Monday, May 04, 2009

RPW Convention- Chairman Michael Steele

I had the pleasure of meeting RNC Chairman Michael Steele ever so briefly. We chatted briefly about RPW Chairman Reince Priebus.

After watching Chairman Steele's speech, I am convinced more than ever that he is the right man for the job.

If you hang around politics enough, you hear hundreds of "rah! rah! rah! aren't republicans great speeches". You really get tired of hearing them.

We did not hear that from Chairman Steele this weekend.

Steele readily acknowledges that there is a problem and has renewed his commitment for fight for conservative principles.

Steele also acknowledges that he has infuriated many of the GOP establishment.


The reason the grassroots Republicans are so high on Chairman Steele is that we know that Steele will not cave to the old ways of doing business.

As you can clearly see from their whining, the old guard in the RNC are trying desperately hard to hang onto their power:

By contrast, Steele’s team tends to be made up of more recently elected
members of the committee, who don’t necessarily approach their roles with
similar reverence for RNC custom.

“I think that Priebus is new and most of the people that were co-authors of
the resolution have been around for awhile,” another RNC member said. “A lot of
the supporters of Chairman Steele are people who haven’t been on the committee
for a very long period of time.”

To the idiotic pathetic old guard of the RNC:

You failed Americans from coast to coast. You gambled with our future in order to hang on to your power. You destroyed our principles and sold out to the Democrat Party. The grassroots have had it with the Republican elitists. The good ole boys club in the RNC have lost their backbone to stand on their principles.

If the grassroots are left to decide between Michael Steele and the good ole boys who sacrificed out principles for their own personal power, the grassroots will choose Michael Steele.

I heard someone say this weekend(I am not sure who), that all of the old guard continues to talk about the "big tent" party. The problem comes in when even a tent needs solid posts to stand. Clearly the wishy washy Republicans that have run the RNC for the last 20 years are wishy washy with no principles.

Time to get rid of these guys that are protecting the status quo.

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