Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Version 4.0? or 5.0?

It is getting difficult to keep up with Nanny Pelosi's fibs on CIA tactics. So I figured I would start numbering them:

Version 1.0: Nanny Pelosi was horrified and spoke out against the evil Bush administration and their waterboarding tactics, that was until she was exposed by the Washington Post as having been briefed on the subject and she raised no objections.

Version 2.0: Okay- Nanny finally admits she was briefed but she had no idea that the tactics were actually being used, until one of the members of Congress, Porter Goss, who also was briefed, busted her.

Version 3.0: Okay, now Nanny states that one of her aides was briefed in 2003, her aide briefed her and she raised objections in a letter with Congresswoman Jane Harman.

Version 4.0: Congresswoman Jane Harman has never heard of Nancy Pelosi. (Okay, just kidding!) Nancy Pelosi's name is not mentioned or is she a signator of the letter written by Harman.

According to the Pelosi confidant, Sheehy told Pelosi about the briefing — and later informed Pelosi, the newly elected minority leader, that Harman was drafting a protest letter. Pelosi told Sheehy to tell Harman that she agreed with the letter, the Pelosi insider said. But she did not ask to be listed as a signatory on the letter, the source said, and there is no reference to her in it.

Version 5.0: Next up. We are currently waiting for version 5.0. Hang tight.

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