Sunday, March 21, 2010

This video is quite interesting. These idiots are flailing. Three of them were ganging up on Congressman Ryan and they still could not get their facts straight.

The Chairwoman insisted on talking about a different Republican bill and refused to speak of their own bill they are trying to pass. The Chairwoman finally started babbling about vouchers and that mentally ill seniors will be forced to decide what kind of health care they want. Note to the Chairwoman: not every single senior turns senile the day they turn 65. That is offensive. In fact, the Chairwoman herself is in her late 70's and she currently is given a taxpayer funded voucher to go out and purchase the best health care plan for herself and her family. Why is okay of her to do but not the rest of America?

The Chairwoman went so far as to call on another Congressman sitting right next Paul Ryan to describe what was in the Paul Ryan plan. She said "Tell us what they are".

I find it truly amazing that of the 4 House Reps speaking, 2 of them are over the age of 65 and are not living off of Medicare. Instead these two Reps are living off of taxpayer funded plan where they get to chose their own coverage. Congressman Ryan is proposing that every single American should be afforded the same opportunity these members of Congress(over the age of 65) are currently getting. The Dems do not like it.

To hear this debate at a Rules Committee meeting goes to show one thing only...The Democrats do not want to talk about their own plan. The whole point to the committee meeting was to discuss the rules for the Dems to vote on their own plan.

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