Saturday, March 06, 2010

"Lifting America's spirit"

Yesterday, as I am reading an article by Peggy Noonan, my mind traveled to the palm of Governor Sarah Palin's hand.

Peggy Noonan

And now here are two growing problems for Mr. Obama.

The first hasn’t become apparent yet, but I suspect will be presenting itself, and soon. In order to sharpen the air of crisis he seems to think he needed to get his health-care legislation passed, in order to continue the air of crisis that might justify expanding government and sustaining its costs, and in order, always, to remind voters of George W. Bush, Mr. Obama has harped on what a horror the economy is. How great our challenges, how wicked our businessmen, how dim our future.

This is a delicate business. You can’t be all rosy glow, you have to be candid. But attitude and mood matter. America has reached the point, a year and a half into the crisis, when frankly it needs some cheerleading. It can’t always be mourning in America. We need some inspiration from the top, need someone who can speak with authority of what is working and can be made to work, of what is good and cause for pride. We are still employing 130 million people, and America is still competitive in the world, with innovative business leaders and practices.

The president can’t be a hope purveyor while he’s a doom merchant, and he appears to believe he has to be a doom merchant to justify ramming through his legislation. This particular legislation is not worth that particular price.

Peggy Noonan is right, our country is depressed right now. Basically, Americans do not see a bright future and it is really beginning to show.

Ms. Noonan, no fan of Governor Palin, may not admit it, but clearly Governor Palin has recognized this as a problem.

Obviously, much has been written about the highlights written on Governor Palin's hand during her Tea Party Convention speech. As mentioned in Governor Palin's speech last night, at the Ohio RTL event, no one wants to talk about the substance that was written on her hand, just the fact that she wrote on her hand.

One of those highlights was "lift America spirits".

Our nation is in serious trouble right now. Americans cannot see a path forward out of this economic mess.

The truth is, not a single politician, not even the President of the United States can lift this country out of its fiscal crisis. No political party or protests can move this country forward either.

Regular ol' everyday Americans will be the ones to lift this country up. We need to see the "shining city on a hill". We may not be on top of that hill, but we need to be able to see the hill and start marching up the hillside.

Governor Palin was right about lifting America's spirit. As a nation, we have been here before and dug our way out. Our parents, grandparents and great great grandparents have all faced the same obstacles we are facing today.

America's spirit, determination, dignity, innovation and ingenuity dug us out of the hole and we can do it again. This is what Governor Palin spoke about that night at the convention and why it was highlighted on her hand. Americans need to hear that they can dig their way out and they need their leaders to simply point them in that direction and encourage them to keep moving.

America needs leadership. America needs hope.

I am not talking about false hope and cheerleading like we saw from Harry Reid and the President yesterday. 36,000 Americans losing their jobs is nothing to cheer about. Americans did not need this from its top leaders. We are not stupid, for heaven's sake.

What Americans did not need was the leader of the free world, traveling from country to country apologizing for Americans. We did not need our President running around the country claiming the best health care system in the world is broken. We did not need our President slamming corporate America, the very folks we need to create jobs. We have enough problems just trying to pay our bills from month to month, Americans do not need one more crisis.

Americans need a better environment and politicians can help create a good business environment. Politicians can encourage tax cuts for those Americans driving innovation and new technologies. American ingenuity is being squelched because it is massively over regulated. Get off our backs!

Politicians can create a positive environment for our businesses to grow and succeed. Americans need to know that their businesses will not be hammered by local, state and federal regulations and taxation. Success should not be punished and regulated into failure.

Governor Palin is right that it is time to lift America's spirit. Americans can dig their way out if they can simply get the government back on their side. No more tax increases. No more government strangling regulations on our businesses. No more apologizing to this nation's enemies.

Our President is worried about the success of his presidency and is so busy trying to prove that his stimulus worked, he has ignored the American people. The President needs to worry less about his own success and start worrying about the success of the American people. Presidents only succeed when the American people succeed.

I am proud to be an American. Americans should never apologize for being Americans. Even more, we should never apologize or be punished for being successful Americans.

Thank you Governor Palin for seeing the "shining city on a hill" and pointing Americans in that direction. We need a little more of this from the rest of America's politicians.

We can do this America. We can dig our way out, but we need to get this nation's leaders to back off and let us do it.

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