Thursday, March 18, 2010

Democrats must think the American people are stupid

Honestly Democrats, do you think that the American people will not hold them responsible for this health care debacle if they pass it by the "deem and pass" rule?

Do the Democrats really believe that this garbage will actually provide them cover from angry constituents?

Do the Democrats really believe that this process of "deeming" a bill law without actually voting on it is okay with the American people?

These folks must think the American people are stupid. The American people are engaged in this debate. They know what is happening.

I was sitting in a restaurant yesterday afternoon. I was working on campaign stuff. Another couple were sitting there eating, but basically the rest of the place was empty. A new couple walked in and knew the first couple and the talk immediately turned to health care. The waitress jumped into the conversation also. From what I could tell, they were all disgusted with this health care mess. I could not tell if they were for or against the health care legislation but they sure were ticked about this voting mess.

Americans are not stupid. They are fully engaged. They do not want this garbage coming out of Congress. When do the Democrats decide to start listening to us?

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