Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Al Sharpton: "Americans Overwhelmingly Voted for Socialism when they elected President Obama"

I have spent the last several weeks arguing with some local Democrats about this health care overhaul. I would ask "why are you doing this in face of massive public opposition?" and "Why are doing this in complete defiance of the "consent of the governed?".

I would get the same answer over and over again. "The governed gave their consent in November 2008". "Obama and the Democrats had a mandate".

Now we have Al Sharpton declaring that "Americans overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected President Obama".

Seriously, Americans voted to become a socialist nation when they voted for Obama?

That is not how I remember it. When anyone would accuse candidate Obama of being a socialist, the media and Obama campaign would fly into hysteria defending candidate Obama.

The attempt to personally destroy the life of Joe the Plumber was perfect proof of this. Hysterical Democrats and the media launched into his personal life and set out to destroy his career.

Americans did not vote for socialism, they want health care reform. Americans still want health care reform that will drive down the cost of health care. ObamaCare will increase the cost of premiums that Americans are currently paying, not lower them.

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