Monday, December 14, 2009

New Senate ObamaCare will not save a penny

I read about this late on Friday and have been waiting to see the internet explode on this news. But as typical with Friday night releases, the media was too busy worrying about something else, like Tiger Woods.

However, Monday always comes.

Not only with the new ObamaCare policies increase costs to the average middle class American, it still does not cover anyone. In fact, according to the New York Times, only an additional 900,000 will be covered.

Even as the budget office warned of diminished revenues should more employers provide tax-free health benefits, there are two possible upsides for the Democrats.

One is that as many as 900,000 more people might gain insurance –- contributing toward a main goal of the legislation, which is to expand coverage to as many of the uninsured as possible.

900,000 and cost will rise??

More analysis from the LA Times shows much of the same:

Analysts in the Obama administration's Health and Human Services Department reported Friday that the nation's $2.5-trillion annual healthcare tab will not shrink at all under the Democrats' legislative blueprint as being pushed by happy Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader in the Senate.

Instead, they said, the nation's medical costs will actually grow faster under the new bill than....

...they would if that chatty crowd of Washington spenders did absolutely nothing nada zippo about it. And even if they did pass the existing version for all that money, 24 million Americans would still remain uncovered.
"Although several provisions would help to reduce healthcare cost growth," the report said, "their impact would be more than offset through 2019 by the higher health expenditures resulting from the coverage expansions" to millions more Americans.

This new plan that expands Medicare to millions more Americans starting at the age of 55 actually is a the worst idea to come out of late. The Senate is moving backwards, not forwards.

Do you remember that the Senate has already agreed to cutting Medicare by $500 billion? The Senate is calling it savings, but they are really cuts in services.

Now they plan on covering millions more Americans starting at the age of 55, and they still expect the $500 in "savings"?

That does not make sense to any common sense thinking Americans.

This is the new bill that President Obama lauded as the best evah, just this past week.

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