Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Even New Yorkers saying "no" to Obamacare?

Very interesting, less than 24 hours after President Obama and the liberal pinheads were celebrating their "victory" in healthcare "reform", New Yorkers are calling to have this bill killed.

From the Buffalo News.

Now you would think after reading the following statements, that this was a conservative editorial board writing these things:

...Americans are likely to get a bill that drives unsustainable costs even higher, does not completely solve the problem of the uninsured and does little to improve the quality of medicine. And it won't kick in until as late as 2014. But taxes, mainly on the wealthy, would go up pronto.

and this:

While the Congressional Budget Office has projected that new revenues and cuts in spending would reduce future federal budget deficits by $132 billion between 2010 and 2019, no conscious person believes Congress will follow through with spending cuts.

This must be a conservative, right?

how about this:

In the weakest economy in decades, with unemployment around 10 percent, Washington can't make matters worse for American businesses, who pay the lion's share of health coverage.

Now tell me only a conservative writer would actually call the following real reform, right?

Where is the effort to combat the $210 billion annual cost of defensive medicine? Malpractice suits drive up the costs of doctors' insurance, but far worse on the economy and the soaring cost of care are the unnecessary tests doctors order to protect themselves. The bill does nothing to combat this insidious problem.

These must be conservative New Yorkers, right?

Not true.

The editorial board had this to say about conservatives:

No one likes this bill. Not Republicans — who, it must be said, would vote against Christmas if they thought supporting it would benefit Obama — and some Democrats.

These are no right wingers writing this op-ed.

The Democrats and this President are so desperate to throw anything down and call it healthcare reform, they have lost any sense of common decency.

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