Monday, December 14, 2009


I have listened and read cheesy excuses all over the internet for more than 3 months from liberals about healthcare reform. When a poll comes out showing Americans against ObamaCare, the liberals make the excuse that it is a right wing poll. Even if that poll shows that more Democrats were polled than Republicans and Independents.

The time for excuses is over. It is no longer just Rasmussen or Fox News showing a clear majority of Americans hate these new health care "reform" proposals. A clear and decisive overall majority oppose the steps currently being taken by our President and his Congress.

For a moment, ignore the labels of left wing and right wing poll. Let's look at the average of all of the polls.

Poll Date Favor Oppose Spread
RCP Average 11/19 - 12/9 -- 37.8 52.7 Against/Oppose +14.9

That is just the average of all of the recent polls.

Please, someone on the Democrats side of aisle, explain why it is you are defying the American people and proceeding with this garbage anyway?

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