Sunday, January 07, 2007

Well, I'll be jiggered!

Actually anyone paying attention to stem cell research these days already knew this . For some reason, liberals insist on destroying human embryos for stem cell research.

When conservatives fight back and attempt to protect human embryos- the liberals go crazy.

By the way, this statement in this article is a bald faced lie-

President Bush cut all federal funding for research into new human embryonic cell lines in 2001.

Not only has George Bush never cut federal funding for any type of stem cell research, but President Bush is the only President to every allow federal funding for stem cell research.

Now that the election is over, the media are actually talking about a new and successful source of stem cell research-

Stem cells extracted from amniotic fluid

Researchers have been able to derive human stem cells from the amniotic fluid surrounding babies in the womb, potentially providing a source of stem cells that is easily available and uncontroversial.

The amniotic stem cells grew readily into independent cell lines or colonies, doubling in just 36 hours, says the paper, published in Sunday's edition of the journal Nature Biotechnology.
The researchers at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C., were able to get the amniotic cells to differentiate into fat, bone, muscle, blood, nerve and liver cells.

Stem cells can develop into almost all cell types, serving as the repair system for the body.
Such cells created from early-stage human embryos, called embryonic stem cells, have shown the greatest potential for turning into any cell needed. But they are controversial because making them requires destroying the embryo. President Bush cut all federal funding for research into new human embryonic cell lines in 2001.

The amniotic cells are neither human embryonic stem cells nor adult stem cells, which are slightly less resilient, says lead researcher Anthony Atala, director of Wake Forest's Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering Institute.

"They're something in between," he says.

One advantage is that these cells, unlike embryonic stem cells, don't form tumors when implanted into mice.


Imagine that, and new and better form of stem cell research.

I wonder if we will see an apology for Michael J. Fox or Governor Doyle for the bald faced lies told during this last election?

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