Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Maistelman again?

Maistelman again?

What is it about Maistelman and the State Elections Board?

State finds no evidence for election fraud claim

The Wisconsin Department of Justice has concluded that it cannot prove election fraud in the case of 2006 South Milwaukee mayoral candidate James Logic but has referred its findings to California authorities for possible federal violations involving a bankruptcy petition.

Investigators under then state Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager sent findings in a letter in late December to Logic and the original complainant's attorney, Michael Maistelman, who released a statement on the case to the media last week.

Maistelman's client, South Milwaukee resident Thomas Zingale, asked state and federal authorities in the days before the 2006 election to investigate whether Logic had voted illegally in various Wisconsin elections or committed perjury in a California bankruptcy petition in 2001. Logic lost the election to Thomas Zepecki, who became the city's first new mayor in 12 years after David Kieck decided not to run.


Isn't the bankrupcy issue a California problem and not a Wisconsin problem?

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