Thursday, January 04, 2007

Time to appeal

Things are moving so fast on the Michael McGee Jr. recall election, it is difficult to keep up.

MJS- McGee has until Jan. 12 to file appeal on recall

People are being called in to testify.

A judge ruled that the recall process could move forward.

The county election's commission also ruled the recall election could move forward.

Michael McGee Jr. now has few days to appeal the ruling.

McGee Sr. is threatening to shoot people again.

Check out Badger Blogger for all of the sordid details.

PS. Is it just me or is McGee's lawyer, Mike Maistelman, the same yahoo that contacted the Democratic State Election board members to have them vote against Mark Green's campaign funds?

It sure looks that way, but I could be wrong.

What is it about sleazy politicians and attorney Mike Maistelman?

From the MJS-

McGee attorney Mike Maistelman said he may appeal the commission's decision to the State Elections Board. McGee has until Jan. 12 to appeal.

Could someone keep an eye on this yahoo Mike Maistelman and make sure he is not prearranging the outcome of the recall appeal with the State election board members?

It would be nice, for once, to actually get a fair and just ruling from the State Elections board without any outside influence.

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