Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hmm... What a novel idea...

I have to say that I am stunned by the vote in Massachusetts today.

Massachusetts lawmakers approve gay marriage vote

Massachusetts lawmakers approved a measure on Tuesday that could give voters a chance next year to ban gay marriage in the only U.S. state where it is legal and overturn a historic ruling by the state's highest court.

What a novel idea- let the people decide. (sarcasm)

What has got me really stunned about today's vote in Massachusetts is that so many lawmakers actually voted against letting the people decide. The final vote was 61 yea's to 132 no's.

Although a majority in the Democratic-controlled state legislature voted against it, the measure needed only 50 votes to pass.

How can so many lawmakers actually vote against letting the people decide?

Whether you are for or against gay marriage- why would any lawmaker be against letting the people decide?

Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal- why would a single lawmaker vote against letting the people decide?

Really, this is why I am so stunned by the vote today. 132 lawmakers actually believe that the people do not have the right to decide on this very heated issue.

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