Friday, April 16, 2010

Support Michael Gableman

Anyone else sick of it?

For about two years, the liberals in this state have been in complete hysterics trying to get Justice Michael Gableman removed from office. For two years, everyone has been trying to get the liberals to move on. Now it appears again that the liberals have failed and will continue to fail to get Gableman removed.

The theory the liberals are pushing is that Gableman lied when he was running for office:

Gableman's ad ran in March 2008, as he conducted his campaign to defeat then-Justice Louis Butler Jr. It discussed the case of Reuben Lee Mitchell, a child sex offender whose case Butler worked on when he was a public defender.

"Butler found a loophole. Mitchell went on to molest another child. Can Wisconsin families feel safe with Louis Butler on the Supreme Court?" the ad said.

But it did not tell viewers Butler was unsuccessful in getting Mitchell out of prison and that Mitchell served his sentence before committing the subsequent crime.

A couple of points...

1. Justice Butler has been called "Loophole Louie" long before Justice Gableman ran for office. This election was about a lot more than one single ad.

2. Justice Gableman was duly elected to office, whether the liberals like it or not. To have him removed from office will infuriate the electorate.

Time for the liberals to grow up and move on.

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