Friday, April 09, 2010

A simple explanation of Obama's nuclear policy

Americans are smart. President Obama's nuclear policy is a complete joke and the American people have already figured it out.

You do not have to be a genius to figure out that President Obama is negotiating a nuclear deal with himself and himself only. No other nations involved.

The whole point of the "deal" signed by President Obama was for Iran, North Korea and others to give up their pursuit of nuclear arms. Normally during negotiations, one side gives up something, and the other side gives up something. That has not happened here.

President Obama has promised that America will not retaliate for a biological or chemical weapons attack against the US with a nuclear warhead. Iran, North Korea and the others gave up nothing. They still plan on pursuing whatever it is they feel like pursuing.

In fact, Iran's leader is opening mocking the President.

Just to add insult to President Obama's injury, Russia gladly signed an agreement yesterday, stating that they may or may not decide to help us with sanctions on Iran to force the Iranians to give up nuclear weapons.

Simply put...I own a car that you want to buy. You give me money for the car, but I do not give you the car. So you go to your friend and ask him to help you get the car from me. Your friends says "uh, maybe I will help". You then go to collect the car you just purchased from me and I still refuse to give it to you. You turn around for your friend's help to collect and amazingly, he is not there.

This is where we currently stand right now with this pathetically stupid deal just signed by the President.

In order to stop Iran's weapons pursuit, President Obama gave up part of America's safety with no concession from our enemies and Russia may or may not back us up.

Sarah Palin is right. President Obama is standing on the playground with all of his enemies surrounding him asking them to punch him and he promises not to retaliate. This is a good foreign policy decision?

Where are the rest of the Democrats on this? Amazingly, most of them are silent. Where is Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Rockefeller, etc...? Where are these guys to back the President up?

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