Monday, April 26, 2010

Does he need the GOP?

I found it rather amazing that Dick Leinenkugel managed to find his way to Kenosha yesterday, and managed to contact the media and let them know he was coming. Amazingly, he never contacted anyone in the local county party. Even the state party chairman, who lives in Kenosha County, was unaware he was coming. This would have been a great opportunity for Mr. Leinenkugel to plant some seeds in the Kenosha County GOP.

I will be honest here. Many local GOP folks get a little resentful when you show up in our county; talk about Republican politics and you never bother to actually contact any actual Republicans in the area.

I guess Mr. Leinenkugel plans on running and winning without any help or support from the local GOP groups.

Best of luck with that, Mr. Leinenkugel.

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