Monday, June 08, 2009

Dem Budget Talking Points Weak, Laughable

From the MacIver Institute:

As it pertains to the authors of the secret budget deal, over at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, they are asking: What are they thinking?

Excellent question.

The "Wisconsin Budget Makes Deep Cuts While Minimizing Harm on Working Families & Protecting Core Values."

So sayeth the official talking points Assembly Democrats have been using as they promote this hastily-created secret deal. As they scramble to get 50 State Representatives to agree to vote yes on the plan (perhaps in a rushed Wednesday night session) the Democratic leaders want to make sure everyone is singing from the same hymnal.

Well, not all the recipients of these talking points are buying what the Dem leadership is selling. Your team at the John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy has been given a copy of the three and half pages of talking points, and we gladly share them with you here.

To be sure, it is not unusual to attempt to organize supporters of a bill or policy by handing them a set of talking points so that the message remains concise and persuasive.

However, these talking points are breathtaking.

Read the rest here.


It's obvious that the Democrat Assemblymen from the Kenosha area received these talking points before their interview with the Kenosha News.

In a Kenosha News article about the budget here are a few quotes:
Barca said there are service cuts and fee increases that legislators would not want to impose in good economic times.
Then why are you imposing them now, in bad economic times?

“But you have to also face the reality that you have a $6.6 billion deficit,” Barca said. “And we’ve come up with, I think, a broad agreement that we don’t want to increase income and sales taxes, and that’s where most of the state’s revenue comes from.”

But you are raising income taxes and sales taxes. So I guess nothing is safe from the Democrats.

Rep. John Steinbrink, D-Pleasant Prairie, blamed special interest groups’ recent efforts for much of the hysteria.

So taxpayers being against tax increases is hysteria?

“The problem is there are ads being run and people get false information, and it upsets some of the members on different issues out there,” Steinbrink said.

False information? What false information? Notice how he doesn't explain what is false -- that's key to the Democrats -- never explain your accusations. Just throw them out there and don't back them up with facts.

“Some members are just frustrated,” he added. “There’s a lot of cuts, and it’s painful to a lot of different parts of the state.”

A lot of cuts? Where? Increasing the budgets of the departments by 10% then cutting that increase by less than 10% is not a cut. It is still an increase in spending.

I notice the Kenosha News has yet to go into the details of the provisions of the budget. Don't you think that a newspaper might want to print some of the facts of the budget instead of the Democrats' talking points?

What happened to actually reporting the news? Maybe that's why the Kenosha News's readership continues to decline.

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