Monday, June 29, 2009

Congressman Kirk: A little less partying and a lot more looking out for your constiuents

Congressman Mark Kirk represents the area of Illinois where I work. I know many conservatives from that area and they are rip snorting angry.

Congressman Mark Kirk was also one of the 8 turncoat republicans that passed Cap and Trade in the House on Friday. Cap and trade will cause one of the largest tax increases in American history.

I went to Congressman Kirk's website to write a letter of protest to Congressman Kirk and tripped over his twitter account. I figured I would send him a Twitter message also.

I found this on Congressman Kirk's Twitter page:

Going to the White House Cong Luau w/ 2 of the nicest ladies on Cap Hill-Pat Smith & Doris Rogers http://images.kirkforcongre...

So, Congressman Mark Kirk was partying with the Obama's the night before the big vote. But hey, he insists that he read the legislation.

So why did you sell America out, Congressman Kirk?

Even 40 Democrats had the good sense to vote against a massive tax increase imposed by this piece of legislation. Every single American and every single business in America will be severely damaged by this.

I guess Congressman Kirk was too busy partying with the President than he was worrying about the long term damage his vote would do to the people living and working in his district. There is a ton of manufacturing in Kirk's district. Think if the damage and the amount of jobs that this will lose if this passes the Senate.

Since only those that live in Mark Kirk's district are allowed to complain through his website, send Mark Kirk a Twitter message instead.

I could not help but notice that Mark Kirk never bothered to brag about his vote on cap and trade on his Twitter page. I wonder why?

How many pieces of silver did you sell us out for, Congressman Kirk?

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