Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where are you, Senator Feingold?

Hat Tip Charlie Sykes

It appears that we have lost Senator Feingold again. Every time President Obama comes to the state of Wisconsin, Senator Feingold gets lost.

This time, the President is appearing on behalf of the senator and Feingold still cannot bother to show up. Hopefully Mayor Barrett will be there to soften the blow for the President.

My Way News
Democratic Party Chairman Timothy Kaine says he sees no slight in Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold skipping a campaign rally tonight where President Barack Obama is appearing on his behalf.

Kaine tells CBS's "The Early Show" that candidates "make their own decisions about these things." And Kaine, a former Virginia governor, says Feingold understands that Obama can energize the party's base.

Well, Mr. President, Senator Feingold stood against the people of Wisconsin, and supported your massive failure of a stimulus boondoggle and the job killing government takeover of our very lives in health care "reform". It appears that it will cost the Senator his job.


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