Thursday, July 29, 2010

Take that!

The Obama administration tells us that whether we want it or not, whether we need it or not, whether we can afford it or not... Wisconsin is getting high speed rail!

Well, why not? This is not the first thing rammed down our throats by the Obama and Doyle administrations.(see ObamaCare)

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Gov. Jim Doyle on Thursday portrayed a planned Milwaukee-to-Madison high-speed rail line as an unstoppable train that Republican gubernatorial candidates can't derail.

"High-speed rail is coming to Wisconsin," LaHood said. "There's no stopping it."

Oh really???


BTW... Isn't Mayor Barrett just Governor Doyle Jr. with hair?

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, the leading Democrat in the governor's race, backs high-speed rail.

Good grief, Mayor Barrett, grow a spine and stand on your own two feet!


Kevin M said...

I guess I would say that Mayor Barrett has a spine, seeing as he's standing up to people who think that cheap gas is going to last forever, like you apparently believe.

Anonymous said...

Kevin what do you think is going to power the high speed trains? Sunshine?