Thursday, February 04, 2010

How many jobs lost or not created because of stimulus?

Billions upon billions of dollars have been pulled out of today's current private market place and tomorrow's private market place and has been placed into the government's wasteful hands. Exactly how many private jobs have not been created because of government largess?

Steve Chapman from the Chicago Tribune wants to know:

Last week's official report that the effort created 600,000 jobs certainly didn't prove anything. All the government did was count how many jobs were paid for with stimulus funds.

That ignores the obvious problem. Money the government uses to create jobs is money that can't be used by the private sector to create jobs. But no one in the White House is trying to count jobs that didn't get created as a result of this mass diversion of funds.

Since the Obama administration makes up their own numbers, I say we should be able to make up our own also. So what do you think?

Has the private sector not been able to create or save 2,000,000 jobs because the debt mounted by the Obama administration?

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