Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blatant racism from Obama supporters

I am getting sick and tired of the blatant racism out of the Obama supporters.

When Barack Obama announced his campaign for president, you could anticipate that ugly racial stereotypes would rear up. You probably couldn’t anticipate that some of his strongest supporters would promote the worst of it.

I am getting tired of the message from the Obama camp that if you do not vote for Obama, you are a racist. If you do vote for Obama, you are allowed to be a blatant racist. Could someone explain that, please?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less.

Sign Newt's petition to
Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less.
A Real Change Campaign to Lower Your Gas Prices

The American Solutions web site is very interesting with information on the "Platform of the American People", a set of "tri-partisan" values, principles and solutions that will unite a majority of Americans and effect real change now.

At the Wisconsin Republican Convention we adopted 77 of the planks of this Platform.

Kenosha Parade Committee quits. ***Updated***

I am more than a little curious to see if the entire parade committee has quit one month before the Kenosha Parade will be held.

Our parade co-coordinator for the Kenosha GOP received this letter via email-



May 22, 2008

We, the Kenosha Civic Parade Committee, Inc. do hereby announce the closure of said Inc. Anyone wishing to create a new Parade Committee can do so by filing with the State of WI.

Any and all monies left in our corporation after all debts are paid will be returned to the City and County equally within 60 days of said closure.

Regretfully we are unable to put together the July 6, 2008 parade. Neither the funding nor the volunteers are available.


Kenosha Civic Parade Committee, Inc

Officers & Board of Directors

Mona McDermott

Bernadette Lasky-Loewen

Anthony Bisciglia

Elizabeth Fountain

Norman Buchholz

Marilyn Spaulding

Of course the entire letter could be fake- I just do not know.

I am attempting to find out more information.

There have been issues, but the talk has always been that the parade this year would go on as planned.

As a city alderman, this really concerns me.

I will update as I get more information.


It is true. The parade will still go on. The city will be handling it, instead of the parade committee.

From the K-News-

The Kenosha Civic Veterans Parade Committee decided last week to dissolve its corporation, a few weeks after committee Chairwoman Mona McDermott said she was stepping down from that post. A notice from the committee said it was disbanding because there was not enough money and volunteers to put on the parade.

McDermott became committee chairwoman after the 2004 parade. She and other committee members have had to deal with public fallout -- both supportive and negative -- from alleged mismanagement of parade funds by the former chairwoman, Fran Puidokas, and clashes with local veteran’s groups.

The status quo is not an option

The Wisconsin State Journal had a great opinion piece about Rep. Paul Ryan's "Roadmap to America 's Future"

The status quo is not an option

A Wisconsin State Journal editorial

If you are 30 years of age or younger, pay close attention.

If the federal government maintains the status quo in spending, it will virtually assure that just when you are in your peak earning years, around 2030, your taxes will be at least 33 percent higher than they are now.

Click here for the entire piece.

This piece is right on the money. As a woman in her 30s, I know this is the future for my generation. Hopefully politicians are listening, because we need this reform. I know I'm putting into Social Security, but I'm not relying on getting any when I retire. My generation needs to stand up and say, "Fix it NOW!"

The book

Much fuss is being made out of Scott McClellan's book. It has added to the water cooler talk at work.

My opinion?

I could not agree with John McCain more:

Asked in the interview about the new book by former White House press secretary Scott McClellan, and whether its revelations gave him pause about how the Iraq war was presented to the public, McCain said: "I would point out that people ought to, if they have strong objections, their obligation is to voice their objection at the time."

Yep. For a man who had so many problems, he stayed on the job for a long time not saying a single word.

Then he decides that when he can make a ton of money, suddenly he finds his principles. That is just not good enough.

Either McClellan had no principles during his time at the White House or he has no principles now. Neither one is impressive.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


We are the 11th highest taxed state in the nation and folks are proud of this?

Gov. Jim Doyle, a Democrat, also praised the drop in rankings. Doyle has
generally opposed sales, income and corporate tax increases, though last year he
sought tax hikes on cigarettes, hospitals and oil companies.

"He's consistently committed to responsible budgeting," Doyle spokesman Lee
Sensenbrenner said of the governor. "Here you're seeing those results."

Unfortunately for the governor, it also became painfully apparent even yesterday that our deficit climbed even higher. Announced just yesterday, Wisconsin has added $800 million to our deficit.

It is the second time state government has asked to borrow up to $800
million to cover cash-flow problems; the first time was in 2002.

How can you not get excited about that?

$800 million in debt, but yippee, we are only the 11th highest taxed state in the nation!

So let me ask- do you think Wisconsin’s tax climate has gotten any better or do you believe that other states have just gotten worse?

Common sense thinking people are well aware of the real answer to this question.

Of course Wisconsin’s tax climate is not getting better. In continues to get worse even as people continue to make excuses.

Our governor likes to claim that he is in favor of responsible budgeting. The truth be told, our current budget is held together by nothing more than accounting gimmicks.

For example, one of this budget’s accounting gimmicks is the $200 million in the transfer of funds from the patient’s compensation fund. This is money that our state government had no right to have.

Another gimmick, borrow money now and pull the money out of the next budget, not this one.

Not one word has been written for the 2009-2011 budget and yet we are already spending millions of dollars into that budget.

I do not care how many different ways the governor spins, you cannot have a massive budget hole totaling over $650 million and just make it disappear. As I have said before- there are only two ways to fix the budget problems- either we cut spending to match the revenue generated or they raise taxes to generate more revenue.

This is not rocket science.

Even with this latest budget repair, we are in the same precarious position we were in last year. We have borrowed money we cannot pay back. We continue to expand programs that we cannot afford. We have created programs we cannot afford. We have spent money we do not have.

Nothing has changed.

We have a fiscally irresponsible state government that is lead by a man that has the incredible ability to hide the truth from the taxpayers.

The real truth about Wisconsin is that we live in a tax hell, run by a government that cannot keep its hands out of our pockets.

When does a gaffe become flat out lying?

For months we have heard about Barack Obama's gaffes.

My question is when do people finally stop calling them gaffes and start calling them lies?


gaffe: A blatant mistake or misjudgment.

lie: Something meant to deceive or give a wrong impression.

Originally, when I heard the story of Obama's uncle liberating Auschwitz, I thought that it was no big deal. Yes, he did get the story wrong, but it was just a mistake.

Now, as it turns out, this was not the only "gaffe" made during that speech. He also made a "gaffe" about his grandfather's military service.

World Net Daily

During the Memorial Day speech in New Mexico, Obama suggested his grandfather, the late Stanley Dunham, engaged in combat. But the Democratic senator's autobiography says his grandfather never saw "real combat." Also, Army records apparently contradict Obama's claim his grandfather signed up the day after the Pearl Harbor attack.

Obviously, some of this stuff begins to fall under the definition of lying, and not a simple gaffe.

Once again the definition for lie: Something meant to deceive or give a wrong impression.

So, is Obama attempting to deceive or give the wrong impression?

You bet he is and it is not the first time! (i.e. Reverend Wright, NAFTA, Selma march, etc...)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

If he did it, good for him

Completely lost on the Canadians is what Obama was actually saying. Instead, their focus has been on who leaked a memo that made Obama look bad. Their focus is completely lost on the fact that Obama was talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Now the accusation is out the Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner's son was the one who leaked the information to the media that Obama was talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Fingers are pointing at Conservatives close to Stephen Harper for leaking a diplomatic memo that badly embarrassed Barack Obama and put Canada's vital cross-border interests at risk. Multiple sources say the Canadian note questioning the Democrat frontrunner's public promise to reopen NAFTA was leaked from the Prime Minister's Office to a Republican contact before it made American headline news.

At first, the Obama team lied about their contact with the Canadian government about NAFTA. The Obama team lied to America about it's stance on NAFTA. Obama stood right in front of the voters in Ohio and bald faced lied to them about his position on NAFTA. He told the voter of this country that he would fight to renegotiate NAFTA and then secretly approached the Canadian government, who was upset over Obama's statements, telling them that he had no intention of changing NAFTA. Obama was talking out of both sides of his mouth for political gain.

Somehow, the Canadian media want to make this about the person that leaked the information as opposed to the NAFTA deal that could severely damage their country and it's citizens.

Instead of demanding the truth out of Obama, they are demanding to know who got Obama in trouble.

If Frank Sensenbrenner did indeed leak the information to the media- good for him. Barack Obama is a candidate, not the President. This is not information that should have been protected by the Canadian government or the US government.

The idea that information should not have been leaked because it makes Obama look like a liar is ludicrous.

Clearly the Canadian media are more interested in protecting their favorite candidate Obama instead of telling the truth. The fact is that if Obama does indeed want to change NAFTA, the financial interests of the Canadian people would be damaged. Instead of protecting their own interests or the interests of fellow Canadians, the Canadian media are attempting to protect their favorite candidate, Barack Obama.

So far, Obama has received the endorsement of Hamas, Fidel Castro, the Canadian media and many in the American media.

Now that is something to hang your hat on, huh?

It is very sad that Obama not only lies to the American people, but many in the media are fighting like dogs to protect Obama's right to lie.

Good grief.

It's about unity and positive change

It's about unity and positive change or maybe not.

Every vote counts or maybe not.

Rules are rules or maybe not.

This whole Florida/Michigan thing is just entertaining to watch. Democrat vs. Democrat. Protests and counter protests.

You have got to read the comments in this post.

I did not think it was possible for Hillary supporters and the Obama supporters to get nastier with each other. Turns out they can.

If Hillary was up in the delegate count, she would probably be reacting the same way as Obama.

For Obama to continue to make the claim that he is about unity and change while this farce continues is just a joke.

What has become painfully clear is that the Democrats have brought America racism and sexism to it's highest level of hatred in years. This from the Democrats who call themselves progressive. The Democrats have taken us backwards.

The nomination is not about unity and change it is about hatred and the political status quo.

The nomination is not about counting every vote, they just want to count the votes they like.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A REALLY good day to be Republican

Of course every day is a good day to be Republican, but yesterday, Memorial Day, was a REALLY good day to be Republican. The Republican Party of Kenosha County was in two parades yesterday, one in Silver Lake and one in Twin Lakes.

It was great to have spectators cheering for REPUBLICANS!!!!
Yes, there are Republicans in Kenosha County!

Here is a picture of our float and the group of Republicans that walked in the parade. Note we have flags and are thanking our veterans, you won't see that on the Dem's float.

Ben Bakke, Republican candidate for Senate Seat #22, had his own banner and walked in the parade, too. "Little Ben" (catching a ride with dad) was a big hit in the parades.

Because we're the party that truly cares about the young ones, we even had a few riding on the float.

You don't need a license to vote or drive this ...

It's pretty sad when the man running against Samantha Kerkman is hanging out more with our float (on his Segway, of course) then the Dem's float. Does that say something? Maybe it's because we were handing out candy and getting cheered, not jeered, like the Dems.

I'm so glad this was NOT our float.
Where is its head? Maybe it's up its a** ...

Obama, flip flopper

What has become painfully obvious, Obama may not actually be a flip flopper, he is even more dangerous than this.

Obama has spent the last several weeks making bold statements. The problem is the following day, Obama will make contradictory statement to his original statement.

Highlighted in this Charles Krauthammer article-

Having lashed himself to the ridiculous, unprecedented promise of unconditional presidential negotiations -- and then having compounded the problem by elevating it to a principle -- Obama keeps trying to explain. On Sunday, he declared in Pendleton, Ore., that by Soviet standards Iran and others "don't pose a serious threat to us." (On the contrary. Islamic Iran is dangerously apocalyptic. Soviet Russia was not.) The next day in Billings, Mont.: "I've made it clear for years that the threat from Iran is grave."

Now again, another bold and contradictory statements on consecutive days, highlighted by Jack Kelly-

Mr. Obama told Walter Pacheco of the Orlando Sentinel last Thursday he'd personally meet with Mr. Chavez:
"One of the obvious high priorities in my talks with President Hugo Chavez would be the fermentation of anti-American sentiment in Latin America, his support of (Marxist narco-terrorists) FARC in Colombia, and other issues he would want to talk about," Sen. Obama said then. "It is important to understand that ignoring these countries has not led to improved behavior on their part and it has not served our national security interests."
But in a speech in Miami the very next day, Mr. Obama said any Latin American government that supports FARC (the Spanish acronym for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) should be isolated.

"We will shine a light on any support for the FARC that comes from neighboring governments," Mr. Obama told the Cuban American National Foundation. "This behavior must be exposed to international condemnation, regional isolation, and -- if need be -- strong sanctions. It must not stand."

ABC's Jake Tapper was confused. "So he will meet with the leader of a country he simultaneously says should be isolated? Huh?"

One day one thing, the next day something totally opposite.

The problem has now become that he says these contradictory things so eloquently, that way too many folks in the media continue to choose to ignore the contradictions.

We are about to put our lives into the hands of a new leader, and this is the type of man the Democrats choose to nominate?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hypocrisy, thy name is Barack

WE Energies total rip-off

Due to no fault of the customers, the WE Energy meters are broken, so they plan on "estimating" how much more money is owed them.

At least 21,000 We Energies customers are getting hit with unexpected bills totaling about $3 million after broken meters failed to accurately report natural gas usage this winter.

I guess WE Energies can pretty much estimate whatever they feel like, huh?

Seriously, who is going to stop them?

The game is on

Here are the state legislature races highlighted in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-

State Senator Bob Wirch vs Ben Bakke

I'll remember these words, Mr. Childress-

"(Hansen) really fits the district well," said Jason Childress, director of the state Senate Democratic Committee. "We're watching the Wirch seat. We're not losing a lot of sleep over it."
Based on Senator Bob Wirch's reactions so far this election season, Wirch is already losing sleep over this race.

Senator Alberta Darling vs. Sheldon Wasserman

Senator Dan Kapanke vs. Tara Johnson

Senator Sheila Harsdorf vs. Alison Page

Senator Dave Hansen vs. Chad Fradette

Jim Holperin vs. Tom Tiffany (for Breske's Senate Seat)

Jessica King vs. Tim Lakin (for Roessler's Senate Seat)

The state assembly races are a lot harder to figure out.

So far, the races that I am particularly interest in are a little more local to Kenosha.

My number one priority is protecting Rep. Samantha Kerkman. She is running against ultra liberal Larry Zamba.

Former Rep. Debi Towns is running against current Rep. Kim Hixson. Hixson beat Towns by 38 votes in 2006.

There are also a couple of Republicans that have announced they are running in Kenosha for the other Assembly seats held by Democrats in Kenosha. One is for Rep. Jim Kreuser's seat that will be challenged by Jeff Cassity, maybe others. The other seat to be challenged is held by Rep. John Steinbrink.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I need to get a government job


After watching this entire debacle, which JB Van Hollen is facing right now, I realize that I need to get a government job.

There is just absolutely no way possible to ever lose that job. Once you have the job, apparently it is yours for life.

For example-

Complaining about your boss behind his back is perfectly acceptable.

Complaining about your boss and emailing your co-workers is also perfectly acceptable.

Undermining your boss is perfectly acceptable.

Hiding information from your boss is perfectly acceptable.

Encouraging your co-workers to hide information from your boss is perfectly acceptable.

Threatening your boss with physical harm is perfectly acceptable.

Threatening your co-workers with physical harm is perfectly acceptable.

Oh, we must not forget that if for some reason, you do not make it though your two-year probation and are sent back to your other perfectly good government job, you must go running to the media to do whatever you can to embarrass and undermine your boss. After all, a government probationary job means that you are entitled to that job for life also.

Note to self: Get a government job and you will be set for life.

Does anyone know where I can pick up an application?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It is called Leadership(for those who do not recognize it)

It may be hard to recognize, but it is called leadership.

Lately, not only the national GOP, but all across the state of Wisconsin, real leaders are difficult to find.

I know it is an election year and very few folks are willing to stick their neck out and lead this state into better direction.

Yesterday, Congressman Paul Ryan broke with the status quo, stuck his neck out and proposed a new plan to address America’s looming fiscal crisis. It is called “A Roadmap to America’s Future”.

Now whether you agree or disagree with the plan, you cannot deny someone finally stepped up and showed some leadership.

These days it is becoming more and more difficult to address the real problems of this state or this nation because too many lawmakers are running for office on a continual basis.

After the entire budget repair fiasco, I have become convinced that Wisconsin has an extreme shortage of leaders.

Not a Republican or a Democrat in our state legislature took a strong stand and lead their fellow lawmakers during the budget repair process.

Sure there were folks like Rep. Nass that got all huffy and puffy, but that is not leadership. He offered up nothing to move the debate forward. We already have plenty of backseat drivers and we do not need more.

What I truly wanted to see was someone willing to take a bold stand, buck the status quo and actually offer up a plan to fix our state budget. This was Rep. Huebsch’s responsibility, but he cannot do it alone.

We have a state that is billions of dollars in debt and our legislators just continue add to that debt.

Governor Doyle, because he is not running for re-election, pretty much got a free pass and could do whatever he wanted to do with this budget repair bill.

The Governor pretty much did what he wanted with the exception of the hospital tax.

The budget repair bill that was passed by the state legislature was pretty much vetoed and reworked by the governor. The legislature could do very little about it.

The Democrat’s leadership faired no better that the GOP. Governor Doyle trounced right over the top of all of them also.

We have plenty of elected officials that talk the talk. They tell the electorate exactly what they want to hear.

What we do not have are elected officials that will walk the walk.

Most Wisconsinites could tell you exactly what it would have taken to fix the budget fiasco. It is time to cut spending. Yes, that does indeed mean that programs will be cut, employees will be cut and people’s feelings are going to hurt.

This is the reality that is taking place all across Wisconsin at this very moment.

Every single Wisconsinite is facing the same fiscal decision.

Due to the horrible gas prices, do I take that trip over Memorial Day weekend, like I do ever other year?

Small business owners are asking themselves whether or not it is time to lay off an employee or two.

This is life. This is reality.

It is time for someone in our state legislature to break with the status quo, just like Congressman Paul Ryan did, and lead us in a better direction.

Our future is at stake in Wisconsin.

Where are the leaders?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A plan for America's future

Earlier today, GOP Gal posted "A Roadmap for America's Future" that was in the Kenosha News this morning, started by Congressman Paul Ryan.

I just received an email to a website that provides a ton of details.

Check it out:

"A Roadmap for America's Future"

As a nation, we are in some serious trouble.

Over the last 40 years, American politicians have made commitments to the American people that absolutely cannot be sustained.

Entitlement programs have ballooned into a massive burden that we cannot pay for.

America has fallen behind in the global race for jobs and job security.

Just like Wisconsin legislature and governor did last week, American politicians have just continued to push our debt out further and further. Someday that debt will have to be paid.

For all the baloney talk that we hear from today's presidential candidates, not one single candidate has any plan for the future. They have nothing. Obama and Clinton continue to promise more and more in entitlement programs, even though we cannot pay for the ones we have. (ie. universal health care) Adding to our debt and entitlement programs does nothing more than make the future more bleak and unsustainable. McCain has promised to stop the tax increases and the massive pork barrel spending, which will help, but that is still not a plan for the future.

Congressman Paul Ryan has launched a program that has a good chance of fixing our massive debt, job problems and sustaining entitlement programs.

There is no instance fix, but it is a plan. Something that few others have even attempting to launch.

One thing is clear, this plan is a start of a conversation that Americans must have.

Americans must plan for the future and that conversation needs to start now.

Check it out.

Any questions, email him. His offices are very good about responding.

Rep. Ryan's "Roadmap for America's Future"

Congressman Ryan has done it again. His forward (not progressive) thinking and genuine care for America has prompted him to write a new comprehensive reform package that will stabilize government taxing and spending for future generations.

Click here for an article from the Kenosha News about a preview of this program entitled, "Roadmap for America's Future."

Thank you Paul, you give hope to a generation of Americans who believe, even though we've been putting money into it, we won't be getting any Social Security. Once again Rep. Ryan makes me proud to have him as my Representative.

Making it interesting

Hillary Clinton sure is making it interesting on the democrat side of the aisle.

According to all of the media pundits, she is though. Done. Toast. Kaput. Nothing left in the tank.

Yet, even yesterday she managed to clobber in Kentucky, beating him by about 250,000 votes and she lost Oregon by about 71,000 votes.

I don't care how many different ways Obama tries to spin this, Hillary has supporters and lots of them.

If every vote is counted, as the democrats love to say, Hillary is defeating Obama in actual votes by around 100,000.

If George W. Bush was not a legitimate winner of the election in 2000 because he did not win the popular vote, as so many Democrats love to claim, how is it that Obama is the legitimate winner of the Democrat primary?

Even if you want to apply the electoral college to Obama's and Clinton's wins, Hillary clearly defeats Obama. She has won all of the big states with big electoral votes except Illinois.

If the Democrats 2000 arguments were applied to 2008, Clinton would be the clear victor.

But hey, we all know that Democrats like to change the rules of the game when things do not turn out the way they like.

Out of commission

Sorry folks, I have been out of commission for the last several days.

I have been through the most painful ordeal of my life.

Now that I am medicated and full of pain pills, life is good.

One lousy tooth and I thought I would end up in the hospital.

By the way, no photo id, no medication. That is how it works, folks.

I am more than a little curious how all of the so-called "disenfranchised" elderly and poor manage to have a photo ID for medication, but cannot supply photo ID for voting.

The argument of our governor and his democrat lackeys is an absolute crock.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sykes is right- The People have spoken

Since I rarely get a chance to listen to Charlie Sykes because of my day job, the only time I have an opportunity to see what folks are talking about is from his blog-

California's Supreme Court decision today is a cautionary reminder of why judicial appointments and elections matter.

Elections do matter.

But in California, the constitution says what the Supreme Court says it does. And the court’s majority was not constrained by notions of judicial modesty.

Which brings us back to Wisconsin.

In 2006, Wisconsin voters approved a constitutional ban on gay marriage, despite claims from Governor Doyle and others than the measure was unnecessary because statutory bans (like California’s) were in place.

But even with the constitutional ban, it is not hard to imagine that Wisconsin’s own high court might have handed down a California-type ruling, if incumbent Louis Butler had been re-elected this spring. (It could have found a procedural defect in the wording of the constitutional amendment; or invalidated the amendment on federal constitutional grounds.)

Admittedly, given the constitutional provision, the Wisconsin court would have had a higher hurdle than the California Court.

But our court has been nothing if not creative in its jurisprudence. With Butler on the court, the liberal majority had moved hard to the left, aggressively ignoring precedent and substituting their judgment for legislative decisions and acting as a “super-legislature.” On issues ranging from crime to tort litigation, to constitutional interpretation, the court’s sweeping departures from past practice drew national attention.


Since Obama brought it up...

H/T HotAir

Since Obama took offense to something the President said yesterday, all it did was resurrect the debate once again:

Would Obama meet with terrorist nations without preconditions?

Obama and his pundits are running around today claiming that Obama never said he would meet with Iran without preconditions and that the right and the President are just distorting what he said:

New York Times

Susan E. Rice, a former State Department and National Security Council official who is a foreign policy adviser to the Democratic candidate, said that “for political purposes, Senator Obama’s opponents on the right have distorted and reframed” his views. Mr. McCain and his surrogates have repeatedly stated that Mr. Obama would be willing to meet “unconditionally” with Mr. Ahmadinejad. But Dr. Rice said that this was not the case for Iran or any other so-called “rogue” state. Mr. Obama believes “that engagement at the presidential level, at the appropriate time and with the appropriate preparation, can be used to leverage the change we need,” Dr. Rice said. “But nobody said he would initiate contacts at the presidential level; that requires due preparation and advance work.”

Clearly Obama is stating today that there would be conditions to meeting with Iran, but check out the Barack Obama's presidential webpage:

Diplomacy: Obama is the only major candidate who supports tough, direct presidential diplomacy with Iran without preconditions. Now is the time to pressure Iran directly to change their troubling behavior. Obama would offer the Iranian regime a choice. If Iran abandons its nuclear program and support for terrorism, we will offer incentives like membership in the World Trade Organization, economic investments, and a move toward normal diplomatic relations. If Iran continues its troubling behavior, we will step up our economic pressure and political isolation. Seeking this kind of comprehensive settlement with Iran is our best way to make progress.
Just in case Obama's own webpage does not convince you that he would negotiate with the terrorist country Iran, here is a You Tube video where he claims "I would" negotiate with terrorist nations:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The politics of victimhood

I know Barack Obama is just victim.

He is defending himself against a supposed attack by President Bush-

In a speech to Israel's Knesset, Bush said: "Some seem to believe that we should negotiate with the terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along.

"We have heard this foolish delusion before. As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American senator declared: 'Lord, if I could only have talked to Hitler, all this might have been avoided.' We have an obligation to call this what it is — the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history."

Obama responded with a statement, seizing on Bush's remarks even as it was unclear to whom the president was referring.

"It is sad that President Bush would use a speech to the Knesset on the 60th anniversary of Israel's independence to launch a false political attack," Obama said in the statement his aides distributed. "George Bush knows that I have never supported engagement with terrorists, and the president's extraordinary politicization of foreign policy and the politics of fear do nothing to secure the American people or our stalwart ally Israel."

As sensitive as Barack Obama is, you would think he was a girl.

Of course, Obama just ended up opening himself to real comments after feigning indignation towards the President:

Still, even as the White House said Bush meant no dig at the Democrat, Perino couldn't resist the opportunity to get in a small one.

"I understand when you're running for office you sometimes think the world revolves around you. That is not always true. And it is not true in this case," she said.

In Columbus, Ohio, the GOP's nominee-in-waiting, John McCain, told reporters he took Bush at his word that he wasn't referring to Obama — but he also used the opportunity to portray Obama as naive, inexperienced and lacking judgment.

Obama is desperately trying to make himself look credible by pretending the President is so worried about him that he would attack him.

Just add self centered and egotistical to Obama's list of not so endearing traits.

Sign the Voter ID petition today

A friend of mine spoke to Senator Leibham’s office about the Voter ID Amendment and was told that there is still a small amount of time to pass the Voter ID Amendment.

As long as the legislature is still in session we still have a chance at getting the State Senate to finally vote in this issue.

So, since Patrick’s petition on the drunk driving issue stirred so much energy and helped get our legislators moving, we thought perhaps a petition would at least catch the attention of the Wisconsin state senators.

Sign the Petition today and email it to your friends.

As the petition states- this is not a Republican issue or a Democrat issue- this is a Wisconsin issue.

Once again- sign the petition today and pass it around.

So why did you vote for it?

No one seems to be happy about the budget repair bill.

Republicans are not happy

Sen. Neal Kedzie, R-Elkhorn, said he was disappointed neither party had the backbone to further address the state's debt.

"That budget package is nothing more than a version of the movie 'Groundhog Day' - only a smaller package," Kedzie said. "We continue to repeat history by borrowing, stealing and running away from the true issue, and that's cutting spending in state government."

Democrats are not happy

Kreuser said lawmakers missed opportunities to make the deal better by imposing a new tax on hospitals to generate more federal money or paying for a new commuter rail line connecting Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee.

The governor is not happy.

As he has repeatedly for the past several weeks, Doyle said he has "significant problems" with provisions in the Legislature's proposal to push $125 million in school aids off into the next biennium.

So why in the world did you guys pass this thing????

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Budget Fix? Stand Tall Republicans

I think it is pretty safe to say that this budget fix really doesn’t fix anything.

Of course most of us knew that nothing would be fixed.

The budget repairs are nothing more than a shell game.

Disguising tax increases, budget shortages, increasing our debt and borrowing from areas that cannot afford to give up their dollars, does nothing to actually fix the problem.

The problem is the budget is too high; currently we will not be bringing in enough money to cover for the shortages in the budget.

It is so simple to understand, in order to pay the bills with under the current level of spending the state legislature needs to either increase revenue (increase taxes) or cut spending.

It is just that simple.

This budget proposal really does very little of either one of these.

Because the liberals hate Walmart, they increased their taxes by $15 Million. As I was talking to someone yesterday, the ink will not even be dry on the new budget before Walmart has figured out a way to not have to pay this tax either.

Rumor has it that there were $69 million in spending cuts. I cannot see it, but even if you give them the benefit of the doubt, there is still a problem.

$69 million worth of cuts and $15 million in new taxes does not add up to a fix for a $500 million budget shortfall.

I certainly understand the quandary that the legislators are in. Either they increase taxes or they cut programs. Both reactions to the budget means political suicide, or at least that is the perception. In politics, perception is reality.

This past Monday, after a couple of city council meeting, I did battle with a very nice gentleman on this very subject. This nice gentleman very methodically explained to me why it was necessary to continue to increase taxes, even during this economically trouble time.

You see, he explained, when the price of gas goes up on our pocketbooks, then the price that the government is forced to pay also goes up. Unless government continues to raise your taxes, then they will not be able to keep up with increased cost themselves.

He further explained that health care costs are going up and taxes just had to go up or there was no way to keep up with these changes.

Over and over I listened to excuses as to why taxes just had to give up.

I finally asked the nice gentleman how were taxpayers supposed to keep up with not only their own increased health care cost and gas costs, plus they had to more in taxes to the government? He could not answer me.

Even as reasonable as some of these arguments may seem from the tax and spend liberals, we, as Republicans, need to be true to our word and fulfill the commitments we made to our constituents.

When running for office, we all made the commitment not to raise taxes and that we needed to cut spending. We ran as fiscal conservatives and we were elected because of we promised to be fiscal conservatives.

In this economic downturn the absolute worst thing for a government to do is increase taxes and increase spending.

Now that the time has once again presented itself, we still have conservatives that are having a tough time doing what is right.

We made the commitment, now we must follow through.

This is not only true of Republicans, but many Democrats made the same promises to their constituents.

My state senator, Bob Wirch, actually calls himself a fiscal conservative, as do many other democrats.

Well, this is a chance for all true fiscal conservatives to stand up.

Will you keep your promise to the taxpayers or will you continue to make play these shell games?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Budget repair bill

I received this from the Wheeler Report.

This is the most comprehensive document I have seen to date describing the details of how the budget repair bill is being worked out:


The following are the provisions of the budget repair bill agreement to be considered by a conference committee today, the Senate (at 11 a.m., Tuesday) and the Assembly (no specific time set yet):

  • DOA secretary authority to lapse or transfer funds to the General Fund. Require $69 million during each year of the 2007-09 and 2009-11 fiscal biennia. This is in addition to the $200 million included in Act 20.
  • Limitation on lapse from DOT. Limit transfer from DOT to $50 million; require any lapse be from SEG appropriation for state highway rehabilitation. Authorize $50 million General Fund-supported GO bonds for state highway rehabilitation program.
  • Transfer of Real ID implementation funds. Prohibit JFC from providing an appropriation to supplement to DOT to supplement cost of implementing Real ID. Increase estimated transportation fund appropriation lapses by $9.5 million in 07-08, $12.2 million in 08-09 to General Fund.
  • DOT highway fund program funding adjustments. Provide increases of $20 million in 07-08 for major highway development program and $56,967,500 in 07-08 for state highway rehabilitation program (FED).
  • County transportation aid payment delay to fund state highway maintenance. Permanently delay the April quarterly county general transportation aid payment until July and provide additional funding for state highway maintenance in 08-09.
  • Transportation Fund deficit. Reduce funding by $28 million SEG in 08-09 for major highway development program and provide a corresponding increase from SEG-S (currently authorized transportation revenue bonds) in 08-09.
  • Property tax exemption for low-income housing. Modify property tax exemption for educational, religious and benevolent institutions, women’s clubs, historical societies, fraternities and libraries to extend to low-income housing and exclude low-income housing from the “rent use” requirement under current law.
  • Exemption for non-profit camps from town sanitary district or town special assessments. Extend current law exemption for eligible farmland from special assessments for construction of a sewerage or water system by a town sanitary district or a town to camps.
  • Utility aid hold harmless. Modify Act 20 changes to the utility aid component of the shared revenue program that will take effect in 2009 by creating a hold-harmless payment for qualifying municipalities.
  • Payment of premiums for health or long-term care insurance coverage of retired public safety officers. Authorize DETF to pay premiums for any health care coverage or long-term care coverage for a WRS annuitant who is a “public safety officer” from the individual’s retirement annuity or deferred compensation accounty.
  • “Custody” of persons on probation, parole or extended supervision related to escape. Modify current law related to crime of escape by defining “custody” to include actual custody or authorized physical control.
  • Equalization Aid payment delay. Delay general school aid equalization aid payment by $125 million to the first Monday in July.
  • Four-year-old kindergarten phase-in. Require the program to be available to all eligible pupils. Other requirements.
  • Budget stabilization fund transfer. Transfer $57 million to the general fund.
  • Statutory Balance. Reduce required statutory balance to $25 million for 07-09.
  • Tobacco Securitization. Increase transfer from permanent endowment fund to MA trust fund by $209 million in the biennium (from $50 million annually under Act 20 to $309 million in 08-09).
  • Tobacco use control grants. Increase funding for the grants by $250,000 in 08-09. (Current base is $15 million annually).
  • MA benefits funding reduction. Reduce funding for MA benefits by $24.4 million to reflect savings DHFS (renamed Dept of Health Services, effective 7/1/08), to reflect savings expected to be generated in the program.
  • Training requirements for long-term care insurance. Revise current law relating to the date by which individuals must complete an initial training program before they can solicit, negotiate, or sell long-term care insurance.
  • Expand telephone solicitation (Do No Call) program. Include cell phones.
  • Non-resident snowmobile trail use stickers. Increase fee for annual non-resident snowmobile trail use sticker to $35 effective July 1, 2008.
  • Control of invasive species. Restricts possession, release, control, storage, sale or transport of any fish or viable fish eggs that are of an invasive species.
  • Child care subsidies. Provide $18.6 million for direct child care subsidies under the Wisconsin Shares program. The money is for an anticipated shortfall in the program and covers holding of slots.
  • Deductions for rental payments and interest payments to related entities. Under state individual and corporate income and franchise taxes deductions claimed for certain rental and interest payments by businesses to related entities be added back when computing state total income. (REITs)

Throw another bucket

Throw another bucket of water and see if that works

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Karen Carpenter, Texas.

I cannot be there to celebrate this day with you, but I love you and miss you.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Pork at what price?

I just received this e-mail from Congressman Ryan's office. This is why voters in the 1st District keep voting for Rep. Ryan. He's looking out for us and our wallets. (Too bad our State Senator isn't doing the same.)

Wisconsin’s 1st District Congressman Paul Ryan introduced legislation today that would impose a one-year earmark moratorium and strengthen the paychecks of American families. With the savings from this break in pork-barrel spending, Congress would provide some relief at the pump this summer and make much needed investments in our nation’s infrastructure. “The Gas Tax Relief and Earmark Moratorium Act of 2008” was unveiled at today’s Joint Hearing before the House Budget Committee and House Transportation Committee, which focused on financing infrastructure investments.

Ryan’s proposal would suspend the Federal 18.4-cents-per-gallon gasoline tax for the high-demand summer months. Today’s announcement coincides with news that the price of a gallon of gas in Southern Wisconsin has set new record highs, averaging roughly $3.80 per gallon in some areas. With the revenues saved from the earmark moratorium, his bill would replenish the Highway Trust Fund, a critical source of funding aimed to strengthen our nation’s infrastructure. The Gas Tax Relief and Earmark Moratorium Act would go a step further by shoring up the fund’s projected shortfall for the coming fiscal year.

Ryan’s earmark moratorium adheres to the reform efforts of Representatives Jack Kingston and Frank Wolf. The Kingston-Wolf proposal would conduct a full study of the broken practice of earmarking, bring greater transparency to these spending projects, and bar any new earmarks until the system is fixed. Ryan’s one-year earmark moratorium would provide an estimated $14.8 billion of additional revenue, more than enough to provide Americans relief at the pump and replenish the Highway Trust Fund so that road repairs can continue. Additional earmark savings would be dedicating to reducing the deficit. Challenging his colleagues again on the scourge of pork-barrel spending, Congressman Ryan issued the following statement:

“The decisions made by Congress on taxes and spending impact the paychecks of working men and women. By clinging to this broken earmark practice, Congress is picking pork over paychecks, and pork over potholes. Simply saying no to earmarks for the remainder of the year could give folks in Wisconsin some relief at the pump this summer and fix the Highway Trust Fund’s deficit. I am hopeful that Congress will give up its addiction to pork and address the concerns of the American people.”

AD66 Race "It's all about me"

While looking for Larry Zamba's stands on the issues, I found this on his MySpace page:
So Larry, to quote your MySpace page "It's all about me!"

Note to candidate: When a public official, it is not "all about you". It is all about the constituents you represent. That is why an official is in the office they hold -- to represent constituents. Now we know where Mr. Zamba stands.

And last time I checked, Mr. Zamba is 50 years old, not 100.

As I scrolled further down his MySpace page, this caught my eye:

On a personal note:

Mr. Zamba is old enough to be my father. To read someone who is 50 (100) is into the White Stripes and the Chili Peppers is just iky. Larry, act your age. It's not cool to try to "be cool" when your 50 (100). It's just creepy.

EDITED 5/11/08:

If you click on the above link you will see Mr. Zamba changed his MySpace page. After his ranting comment, and the comments received, he must have had a change of heart. Too late, Larry, we already know that "it's all about (you) me".

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Kenosha's Underworld and Mob Ties

Think I am joking?

This is so embarrassing-


Mob ties?


So whom are they talking about?

Kenosha’s corruptness

Kenosha’s mob ties

Kenosha’s underworld

An article out today from PA.

Whether anyone wants to recognize it or not, the Dennis Troha debacle is damaging Kenosha.

Here is what they are saying:

Underworld figures:

Pennsylvania gaming regulators didn't know about Wilkes-Barre slots
operator Mohegan Sun's relationship with a corrupt developer in Wisconsin.

The board suspended the gaming license of Mount Airy owner Louis
DeNaples when he was accused of hiding his connection with reputed underworld
figures. No such action has been taken against Mohegan yet, but the company did
cut its ties to the developer.

Mob ties:

But an investigation by Wisconsin authorities revealed wrongdoings and mob ties
going back long before the partnership began in 2002.

More later. I don't have the heart right now. This is my home, for heaven's sake.

Same Day Voter Registration Nation Wide

Wisconsin's same day voter registration works so well Sen. Feingold wants to make it happen nation-wide

click here for a link.

Feingold said same-day registration has worked well in Wisconsin for more than 30 years.

Oh, yeah, that's right, we don't have a problem with voter fraud in this state.

Get a clue Russ.

Is she America's most unhappy woman?

For a woman who is living the American dream, she could not be more miserable about it.

It is simple amazing to me that Michelle Obama is so unhappy.

Worse yet, she is on the verge of becoming first lady and she is still resentful of America and feels she has not been treated fairly.

From Byron York, The Hill

I took in the Michelle Obama Show this week in Charlotte, N.C.

The wife of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) was in town for an election-eve
get-out-the-vote rally, to make sure that Obama voters were fired up and ready
to go for Tuesday’s primary.

Usually, such events are rah-rah, go-team affairs. But Mrs. Obama’s
appearance was a little different.

It was an hour-long tale of resentment and anger.

First, she complained at great length that her husband had been treated
unfairly in the Democratic presidential race. Every time he made a move forward,
she said, “they” — she never spelled out exactly who “they” were — moved the
goalposts a bit farther away from him.


Is Hillary Really Out of the Running

Food for thought ...

Everyone seems to forget about the Florida and Michigan delegates. I think Hillary wants to take this to the end so she can seat these delegates and have the majority of the popular vote.

Comments and thoughts anyone?

Wirch a leader in campaign money from outside Wisconsin

RACINE COUNTY — Local Democratic legislators received more campaign money from outside Wisconsin than Republicans last year

click here to read the story in the Racine Journal Times

If Wirch is Kenosha County born and raised, why does he need so much money from out of state?

Maybe he doesn't knock on that many doors, and just likes to say he does ...

The Actual Cost of "Healthy Wisconsin" (updated)

After obtaining some more information, I have some new numbers for un"Healthy Wisconsin."

According to a report by the Taxpayer's Alliance (2006 data) 90.6% of Wisconsin residents have health insurance.

100% - 90.6% = 9.4% do not have insurance.

State population: 5,609,705 people

5,609,705 x 9.4% = 527,312 people do not have insurance


of the 527,312 people, we can break it down further:

40% (210,925 people) are uninsured for 6 months or less (between jobs, etc.)

25% (131,828 people) are eligible for other programs but aren't enrolled (1/2 the children who qualify for BadgerCare aren't enrolled)

33% (174,012 people) choose not to have health insurance (known as the "young invincibles.")


10,547 people in this state don't have access to health insurance.

$15,400,000,000 Cost of "Healthy Wisconsin"

$15,400,000,000 / 10,547 = $1,460,130.84

$1,460,130.84 That is what we, as taxpayers, are going to pay per actual uninsured person to health care coverage through "Healthy Wisconsin."

Thanks, Bob Wirch. This truly does show how much of a "fiscal conservative" you really are -- not at all.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Are you tired of the D.N.R.'s bullish ways?

Click on flyer to enlarge-

Senator Wirch serves on the Environment and Natural Resources Committee overseeing the D.N.R. and its policies.

Call Senator Wirch at 608-267-8979 and tell him your thoughts on the D.N.R.

Thank you, Hillary

The Democrat nomination looks to be over.

I am guessing that Hillary will probably stay in it until June 3rd, even though she has little chance of winning the nomination.

Still Hillary Clinton will have left her mark on this year’s democrat nomination.

The biggest mark Hillary left is on Barack Obama.

Hillary managed to damage Obama. She made Barack Obama beatable. She exposed his weaknesses.

In what should have been a horrible year for Republicans, Hillary shined some negative light on Obama and gave the Republicans the blueprint to beat him.

So what are Obama’s weaknesses?

Let’s start with his glaring weakness with working middle class America. For years, the Democrats have told America that they stand for the working class. Obama is losing this voting class by big numbers, even in North Carolina.

Obama is an elitist. This may turn out to be the more damaging to Obama than anyone in the media are willing to admit. It was the same problem that John Kerry had and now the problem has shifted to Obama. Obama only has himself to blame for this one. Saying what he said in San Francisco about God and guns is not going to just disappear.

Even as pundits and the media are praising the “Messiah” today, it appears that a week from today, Obama will be stuck explaining why once again, he gets clobbered among working class whites. West Virginia has their primary next Tuesday and unless a large group of the work class whites can be convinced to switch to Obama, things will get ugly all over again.

Another glaring weakness is that Obama has a glass chin. You smack him with anything; he either over-reacts or fails to re-act quickly enough. Obama’s first reaction to Rev. Wright cost him votes. It will cost him votes in the general election. Even Obama’s second reaction to Reverend Wright will damage him. Obama behaved like a wounded child when finally reacting to Reverend Wright. This is not the sign of a strong leader.

I could go on. Obama has zero leadership experience. (Obama has never been the top dog anywhere for anything. Never)

Obama has absolutely no policy when it comes to national security. (He says he will get us out of Iraq. That is how he plans on protecting us?????)

Obama has absolutely no coherent policy when it comes to foreign relations. (He plans on sitting and talking with people- this is not exactly a policy)

Obama has zero business experience.

And on and on…

So, thank you Hillary Clinton. You succeeded is smacking Obama around.

Three more weeks of smacking Obama is exactly what the Republicans need.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ethanol- the dumbest idea ever?

For years we have been told that bio fuels were the answer to America’s insatiable appetite for fuel.

Now as the government mandates have been passed, the global market for oil has been stretched and the false advertisements have been played, we find out that ethanol may be one of the worst products ever produced.

Not only has the ethanol not worked to curb our dependency on foreign oil, but also the damage caused by bio fuel has succeeded in damaging our economy. Food prices have skyrocketed. Basic commodities have also skyrocketed. (Such as metals)

Absolutely nothing is immune from the damage caused by bio fuels.

Probably the worst part about this is that it is not a natural disaster that has caused this problem, we have created this problem ourselves.

I want to know who the idiot was that first suggested we use our worldwide food supply and stick it in our gas tanks.

To not know that this was a recipe for disaster proves that the engineers caved to the pressures of the environmentalists instead of the pressures of the market.

There are some apologists that claim that putting our food supply in our gas tanks is not the reason the price of food is through the roof, but most folks with a little common sense are well aware of the truth. See the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this morning-

In a new study, University of Wisconsin-Madison agricultural economist Randy
Fortenberry says it's clear that the increasing use of corn to produce fuel has
played a role in rising corn prices - but he cautions that the magnitude of the
increase has been overstated.

We need to stop making excuses and pretending that there is not a serious problem

The ethanol mandates must end immediately.

The boutique fuels created by environmentalist must end immediately. This is only adding to the problem of high fuel prices.

At the price of corn right now, it also seems completely crazy to subsidize the corn growers. They don’t need subsidies; many folks are getting rich as it is.

Both Republicans and Democrats created this problem in their rush to appease the environmentalists. However, the Republicans seemed to have caught on a little sooner that the Democrats. At least most of the Republicans had the good sense not to vote for the additional ethanol mandates this past December.

Of course, these actions in December also succeeded in driving up the cost of food. When the cost of food goes up, the cost of fuel goes up. When the cost of fuel goes up on farm equipment and trucking, then the cost of food goes up.

It is a vicious cycle and it needs to be broken now. People are starving to death and we only have ourselves to blame.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Howard Dean is lying

As plain as the nose on his face, you can see that Howard Dean is lying.

Dean was caught lying over and over again and still

Hot Air has the scoop-

It’s a remarkably dishonest effort from a remarkably dishonest man. Pay attention to how Dean never actually answers Wallace’s accusations of distortion, changing the subject back to the DNC’s talking points each time. Dean never defends his ads directly, and for good reason; they’re indefensible. Dean found himself overmatched against Wallace. Next time, he should stay in the intellectual minor leagues at MS-NBC with Keith Olbermann.

The ads currently being run by the DNC are a clear misrepresentation. In this video, Fox News Chris Wallace showed everything in it's entirety. You can see plain as day that Dean is lying. Worse yet, he continues to lie.

According to Fact the DNC is representing exactly the opposite of what McCain said.

“We are the DNR and we can do what we want to”

The frustration level between Kenosha county residents and the DNR has hit reached a fevered pitch.

The latest frustration with the DNR is the killing of 14 mute swan at some of our local lakes.

During the week of April 19th, the DNR was skulking around our lakes looking for mute swans. They found 14 of them and proceeded to shoot them as horrified Kenosha residents looked on.

One woman in particular who heard a gunshot ran down to the lake where she knew the two swans were at to find the male has been shot and killed already. She then watched as they shot and killed the female sitting on the nest.

Furious, she confronted them and they said, “We are the DNR and we can do what we want to”.

This is our DNR. This is a government agency that supposedly works for us.

Now, if this was the only frustration in the last several months, it might be easier just to dismiss this as a horrible incident that will not happen again.

Problem is, the DNR already has a serious image problem and this latest incident just makes things much worse.

Even as recently as a few months ago, the veterans in Burlington, were engaged in a battle over a building a new Veteran’s Memorial Building. The DNR was against the building because they said there was a 1% chance the building might flood. 1% Chance! (My guess is that most building built in our area has a 1% chance of flooding. We are surrounded be many small lakes and rivers)

This battle raged for a little while until State Representative Samantha Kerkman stepped in. Finally, the DNR was willing to negotiate. The bill put forward by Rep. Kerkman to exempt the Veteran’s Memorial building was no longer needed.

Our relationship with the DNR was really called into question when Kenosha residents found out that one of our brand new schools in Kenosha was built on the contaminated site that used to be the home of “The Brass”.

This is one site that the residents of Kenosha wish the DNR had stopped our local government school board from moving forward.

I guess when the DNR states that “we are the DNR and we can do what we want” is true.

Probably the most frustrating part about this whole thing is that we, the residents of Kenosha County and Burlington, have a seat at the table.

Our State Senator Bob Wirch sits on the Committee of Environment and Natural Resources, which overseas the rules and regulations imposed by the DNR.

Where in the world has Senator Wirch been as we fight tooth and nail against the DNR?

We need someone to stand beside us and fight for us instead of sitting in these committee meetings in virtual silence.


If you cannot stand and defend us when you sit on the actual committee, then what is the point of you being in Madison in the first place?

For those interested, the families around these lakes where the swan were shot will be holding a memorial service to give the children a chance to mourn.

Kenosha News

The service will begin at 2 p.m. May 10 at the Rock Lake Beach at 121st
Street. Residents of other lakes where mute swans were killed are invited to

Friday, May 02, 2008

Turnbow: What took so long?

Over and over again- Ned Yost continued to place Turnbow in situations he could no longer handle.

Ned Yost has given Turnbow more chances than most pitchers get anywhere else.

The question finally became- How bad does one's ERA have to be before Ned Yost sees the light?

I guess a 15.63 ERA this year finally did Turnbow in.

Even Gagne, who has started off this year awful rough only has a 5.27 ERA.

Finally the end is here for Turnbow in Milwaukee. Perhaps he can catch on with another team.

I guess the only question is why it took Ned Yost this long to finally do what was best for the ball team.

The Silencing of the Mute Swans

'Pierre and Simone' swimming on Rock Lake
before they were killed by the DNR.

Folks are pretty upset over the killing of a pair of mute swans on Rock Lake.

Click here to read about it in the Kenosha News.

For all the people upset about these killings, here's a little bit of information that the Kenosha News hasn't told you. State Senator Bob Wirch is on the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources. He did nothing to save the mute swans.

More Healthy Wisconsin info...

For those who attended the Republican Party of Kenosha County's Pints and Politics last night, here is a link for additional information about the dangers of Healthy Wisconsin.

Thank you to Rep. Leah Vukmir who joined us last night and shed a little more light on the extremist over-reaction by the Democrats on fixing exorbitant health care costs.

This much we know, Healthy Wisconsin will not fix our health care crisis. Healthy Wisconsin will permanently damage Wisconsinites if the Democrats get their way and this is allowed to pass.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Audacity of Nope

I stole this from the Ol' Broad

Pints & Politics- Healthy Wisconsin Edition

Don't forget tonight's Pints and Politics


Birchwood Grill(across the street from the Brat Stop on Hwy. 50)
7515 125th Ave

Sponsored by the Republican Party of Kenosha County

Special guest- Rep. Leah Vukmir

Double click on photo to enlarge

Barack's Bologna

I am just not buying it.

Barack Obama made excuses for his pastor until the moment his pastor insulted him.

It was not until Rev. Wright was directly addressing him and his campaign did Obama bother to distance himself:

Referring to Obama having distanced himself from Wright, the pastor said,
"Politicians say what they say and do what they do based on electability, based
on sound bites, based on polls."

"He didn't distance himself," Wright explained. "He had to distance himself, because he's a politician, from what the media was saying I had said, which was anti-American."

Wright said that he and some of his friends understand that in his Philadelphia speech Obama was deceiving the American people.He explained, "several of my white friends and several of my white, Jewish friends have written me and said to me. They've said, 'You're a Christian. You understand forgiveness. We both know that, if Senator Obama did not say what he said, he would never get elected.'"

Every other thing that Wright said on Monday was just a repeat of what we have been seeing on TV for months.

The only thing different on Monday was that Wright spoke about Obama directly. That is the only difference.

When Rev Wright called for God to D*** America, Obama did not stand and defend our country- he defended Rev. Wright.

When Rev. Wright called us the “U.S. KKKA”, Obama had no defense for us, he defended Rev. Wright.

When Rev. Wright accused the US government of giving AIDS to African Americans, Obama had no defense for anyone except Rev. Wright.

Suddenly, after the Rev. makes him look bad, Obama sees the light. Now he understands how offensive this stuff was.

Good grief.

I am not buying this garbage.

I want to know what happened to all of those political pundits raving about the wisdom of Barack’s speech in Philadelphia a few weeks ago.

I found this at the Ol' Broad's place after I wrote this article. It fits perfectly.